LED road to small and medium-sized enterprise change

by:Sehon     2020-10-10

LED as a new industry in the few years popular favor, various capital various capital influx LED industry, in 2010 the domestic LED industry investment 217. 9 billion yuan, hit a record high. , of course, due to the nature of the LED industry, many cash-strapped entrepreneurs choose the downstream of the LED application products as a starting point, the scale is not big.

at present, small and medium-sized enterprises is faced with great pressure, even, than a lot of big companies to get government subsidies dividends even to the sales order, most of the rejection in listed out of the small and medium-sized enterprises in dark sigh & other; Unfair & throughout; And have to face the cold reality of technology and the lack of funds, small and medium-sized LED enterprise the road to the future change in where? Small and medium-sized enterprise how to discover the positive energy?

in fact, things always have two sides, the current industry development phase is differentiation, promote technological innovation, enhance the level of management and cost control ability, to some extent, small businesses, in the face of the new ecological environment or even has more adaptability than large enterprises. Have a sense of crisis and aspiring entrepreneurs, if in industry consolidation or shuffle can find their own direction, even enterprise scale limited resources can timely and capture opportunities.

in the first place, compared with deep pockets and made large enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises should pay attention to the focus of resource input and professional, can't disorderly investment, or blind investment to some unfamiliar field. The self-confidence strong enough, think you fou 36 lines can do a good job, but small and medium-sized enterprises should maintain their core things, because, for small and medium-sized enterprises how to survive is the key, this means that the enterprise each step to minimize risks.

at the same time, pay attention to find a way of specialization and differentiation. Including to continue to improve product performance, improve product quality, improve product added value, continuously develop new product suitable for market needs. Especially want to notice & other; Differentiation & throughout; , develop their own in the field of a certain characteristic, is good at in & other; Throughout strives for the survival & market the margins of society; It obviously especially important for small and medium-sized enterprises; Such as some chip companies on the green highlights; Such as focus on professional lighting companies, such as plants and agriculture lighting, frozen cabinet lighting, and so on, also more and more importance by some small and medium-sized enterprises.

in addition, understand the market, for the market demand is also an indispensable; In particular, for small and medium-sized enterprises with limited resources, innovation can be primitiveness & other; Innovation & throughout; , also can be stood on the shoulders of giants innovation, to big business & other; Learning & throughout; Admittedly, big companies such as Toyota was from giant shoulders with first hit a new spirit become the attention of the world's automotive group today. But learning in order to eventually beyond in some ways.

at present, in addition to & other; Shandong & throughout; ,“ Joint strength & throughout; Or & other A weak joint & throughout; Also have not cannot, small and medium-sized enterprises can choose to do the market channels of large enterprises supporting enterprise, is tied themselves and the interests of big business, of course, the premise is to pass the quality of the products and the corresponding technical ability, perhaps with their own some characteristics in the field of products, are more likely to get the favour of large enterprises. As small and medium-sized enterprises, strengthen the communication and big business, seek common ground, the formation of cooperation and mutual benefit is a & other; Shortcuts & throughout; 。

the industry is indispensable to the development of leading enterprises, but at the current stage, those who have the vision characteristic of one has a long small LED the power of the enterprise is also indispensable, especially for coming application industry development, but also to win unexpectedly send sails of season, the prospect of small and medium-sized enterprises can still hold.

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