LED the development of the bottleneck in 2012

by:Sehon     2020-10-17

the LED industry as a new industry, since the rise in energy saving, high efficiency, long life and so on a series of enveloped halo, the development of the industry has always been high hopes, but the domestic LED industry started relatively late, rise up, has been the government's strong support, according to statistics, in 2010, guangdong LED industry to realize the output value of 85. 3 billion yuan, nearly 3000 enterprises, about 50% of the national industry scale, output and scale are ranking first in the country. Guangdong LED industry to realize the gross value of industrial output 2011, more than 160 billion yuan can be compared to the same will be doubled, and by & other; Five-year & throughout; The final, the number will reach one trillion yuan.

on the other hand, the company independent development ability is poorer, indirectly contributed to the dependence of the enterprise, reduce the cruel market competition degree, and has been applied & other; Zero bar & throughout; Access principle, under the background of this development, its itself have & other; Industry disorderly, miscellaneous, enterprise products & other Characteristics of the industry as a whole show & other; High inadequate low not & throughout; The situation.

the industry downturn, but also the LED industry, for now, China has 90% of the LED enterprise loss, analysis of the status quo, most industry insiders pointed out that industry is currently in & other; Gone with & throughout; That contains the problem are as follows: imperfect industry standards, product quality levels not neat, price six to one.

among them, & other The lack of unified standard & throughout; Is considered to be important defects at present the development of the industry, the reality of China's LED industry is industry scale is big but dispersed, and in the product application and marketing of a modern, international, multi-function and large exhibition platform, it is restricting the development of LED industry & other; Bottleneck & throughout; 。

in August, see the National Development and Reform Commission published 'China to phase out incandescent light bulb roadmap ( Draft) ', not get up the morale of the LED industry development. Mainland according to the ministry, according to data from 2011 January ~ April LED the fast development of the industrial investment, investment has more than 30 billion yuan, more than 90% growth.

because of the development is rapid, the mainland has been the pearl river delta, Yangtze river delta, the northern region, jiangxi and fujian area and so on four big semiconductor lighting industry gathering area.

now LED products more focus on professional lighting area, as the development of the fourth generation of lighting products related enterprise, is a clear direction of the development of the industry, but at present the characteristics of the LED lamps and lanterns, its function is far higher than that of pure light. With the coming of the industry reshuffle period, some enterprises in the technology field is not dominant, to prevent himself out, the price war, the result? Only factions injuries, so for the development of LED industry, first clear industry standards, so as not to cause because of the cost of the haphazard, and generate large differences in price, the market chaos.

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