LED the garage lighting system solutions

by:Sehon     2020-10-23

underground parking field lighting feature

with large parking field features are: the area is larger, the height is lower, no light source may be few natural lighting, etc. Thingk lighting planning requirements, and it is the key link of & other Lighting control group & throughout; 。 Play a role in the first three aspects:

1. After completion of grouping the transition of the parking field lighting.

2。 Planning appropriate lighting group and band shape, constitute a sequence changes in lighting area, make parking lane, parking area and headlamp unit, to take care of the ground illumination change. For a new car, parking lights to create a help guide process.

3。 The cross - for lighting Grouping interval control mode, open the partition in the different periods, grouping lighting, on the premise of meet the using maximum limit to save energy.

energy-saving reform garage garage energy-saving reform

underground station because the area is larger, the height is low, the equipment pipeline techniques, few or no natural lighting, lighting at the age of demand, thus is an important part of energy saving reconstruction.

lane: double brightness induction lamps and lanterns. Garage empty perhaps vehicles from 1 minutes, lamps and lanterns is in low light conditions, only satisfy monitoring lighting. When someone maybe vehicles into the garage, lamps and lanterns is brightness automatically advance, intensity of illumination standard arrived at national requirements.

parking Spaces: empty human body induction lamps and lanterns. Garage empty, lamps and lanterns is not bright, in standby. When someone maybe the car into the garage, automatically ring beam supply required lighting lamps and lanterns.

the parking Spaces: aisle and stairwells optical induction equipment could be selected according to the daylighting situation, when people or car activities in the area of the induction, lamps and lanterns is automatic insist on together. All do people in the light of lamps and lanterns, lights went out.

open parking lighting outdoor parking planning field lighting planning

the outdoor parking field forward reasonable cloth lamp planning on illumination uniformity, stereo feeling, down glare, satisfies the requirement of the lighting is very important.

cloth lamp of the parking field method is different, the onset of lighting effect is very different. At present domestic many parking field choose light, or half light, lighting, lamps and lanterns site less, to solve the problems of this kind of car parking field is the parking area with poor lighting uniformity, and parking vehicle is a bit long, will constitute a shade shadow, compound the uneven.

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