LED the industry pattern of 'south to north production agency' will change

by:Sehon     2020-10-28

as costs have risen sharply, the mainland coastal areas have stepped up efforts to support the LED industry, will change & other; LED production mainly concentrated in the southern region, such as the pearl river delta, and the north mainly acting sales & throughout; This situation, China's LED industry & other; South production throughout north agent &; Industrial structure is quietly changing.

on January 12, LED lighting trading center in zhengzhou, central China LED industry open & other; North west & throughout; The new road. Located enterprises including South Korea's samsung group, Xu Changwen embellish photoelectric, and other industry leader.

central LED lighting trading center general manager zhou nobutatsu said: & other; Today where we are in Beijing, Shanghai and so on, finally decided to settle in zhengzhou. The reason is because zhengzhou location advantages. ”

China photoelectric association, vice President of Xu Xinhong said in an interview: & other; Strictly speaking, this is the nation's first professional LED lighting market, demonstration significance to guide and standardize the industry development. ”

samsung LED's vice-president for greater China Shang Naibin said in an interview: & other; We are the market from east China, south China and other economically developed areas focus on the central plains city, in order to maintain a rapid development momentum, ahead big market occupation of central and west. ” According to introducing, samsung LED has set up a booth in the LED lighting trading center in central, will focus on development of the central plains market in 2012, as the center, radiation to the surrounding market.

at the same time, the northern region of LED enterprise research and development and production capacity of developing rapidly. In henan province at present has formed a relatively complete LED industry chain, with zhengzhou ShengMao photoelectric, Xu Changwen embellish photoelectric, sanmenxia peng fly a group of influential in the industry of manufacturing enterprises and research institutions, among them, the Xu Changwen embellish photoelectric is one of the biggest LED packaging companies in the north of the Yangtze river.

the ministry statistics show that China's current LED technology patent applications up to 27 of the global total. 39 2%, second only to Japan. Of the 27 8% and the United States. 6%, is one of the most active market patent technology. In 2011 China's LED industry output value of 154 billion yuan, up 22% from a year earlier, output grew by 50% year on year.

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