LED to transformation and upgrading of enterprises, must from four aspects to start

by:Sehon     2020-10-08

in recent years, much attention has been paid to the LED lighting industry, as the & other; Five-year & throughout; Energy conservation and environmental protection industry development plan and LED lighting into the scope of subsidy policy implemented, further promote the pace of transformation and upgrading of the industry. Comments made by the industry and the expert points out, the LED subsidies or will accelerate industry reshuffle into a new stage. As an enterprise, how to seize the opportunities to reduce the production cost, innovation, product technology, adaptive detection mechanism, participate in industry standards, etc. , enable enterprises to a comprehensive victory in this round competition? The LED energy-saving lighting industry association Guo Zongxun made detailed description from four aspects.

layout of LED lighting enterprise cost reduction

as governments around the world to disable Bai Zhi bulb policy issued in succession, the LED lighting market in Taiwan have a thirty percent growth over the past few years, more and more owners, designers and decoration industry, are specified using LED lighting lamps and lanterns, in line with the new generation to decorate be particular about fashion and trendy. The price of LED lamps and lanterns, also more hasten is parity, plus a new tide of energy conservation and carbon reduction, the fermentation has begun in the terminal application, turning to the new trend of LED lighting market.

guo President says, enterprise in competition at the same time should choose cooperation mode through direct and indirect vertically integrated layout, work together to cut costs. Due to technical efficiency, brightness LED lights of the future use of the chip can be dramatically reduced, high efficiency cooling demand also follow reductions and manufacturing costs in the nature.

on both sides of the allied breakthrough the traditional commercial mode

now LED lighting enterprise to win in the technology, lose in the business model. If ally on both sides of the LED factory, can be a leader in the global LED, through the alignment of the vertical integration mode, on both sides to expand to the mainland market share. Guo President said.

in the face of full capacity, but can't get rid of the predicament in a loss, because the market acceptance of LED lighting industry manufacturers too slow competition is now in & other; Deficit order & throughout; Competition condition, profit of competing important spell at the present stage city, have to rob the city accounted for this year, next year is profit opportunities.

the industry standard for LED lighting market should first

guo President, said the government must establish a set of standard, let the end user can do to the product quality evaluation. The LED energy-saving lighting industry association are now trying to hope for light source and lamps and lanterns and power supply, chapter to formulate unified and standard, to average consumer identification. The LED energy-saving lighting industry association Guo Zongxun said, is now actively looking for cooperate with inspection standards, make joint domestic LED lamps and lanterns standard label. So that people can be in accordance with the standard to do to judge the quality of products, LED lighting manufacturers in addition to security, maintain its competitive advantage.

LED lighting since 2009, you can see the governments also promote disable Bai Zhi bulb specification, especially from Japan's fukushima nuclear leakage incident, the Japanese government is actively spare no effort to promote a number of energy-saving policy, especially the LED lighting industry is impels the point. In Taiwan, according to the data statistics, if Taiwan residential households can replace LED lighting, save electricity by replacing a nuclear power plant. The government should take a more positive attitude and policy, to promote Taiwan LED lighting, whether for reward or subsidies. Can drive people believe that if the habit of using LED lighting products, establish a non-nuclear home isn't crazy.

subsidy policy, LED the market development or will usher in new opportunities

the current domestic LED market is concentrated in the downstream of the application, the size is about 121 billion yuan, there are half of all applications related to lighting. LED landscape lighting of Chinese mainland in 2011 accounted for 24%, accounted for 25% of general lighting, is a huge market.

the development of the domestic LED industry under the government policy impetus, the size of the market is more and more big, the government for two indoor lamps and lanterns, outdoor lamps such as street light, tunnel lamp part put forward the follow-up subsidy policy, for the development of China's LED will be more obvious.

to sum up, the domestic LED enterprises should catch the opportunity, seize the moment, in the tide of the LED on the front end, so that enterprises can grow, can steadily forward.

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