LED wash wall lamp and line light difference

by:Sehon     2020-11-07

LED wash wall light and line lights are used for outdoor lighting, there are many similarities in shape, almost can't see what's the big difference. Has both name is different, however, there are still differences, the type of chip used, here are a few places to see their differences.

1, use the

LED wash wall light is to make the lamp is the same as the water washed metope. The role here is to wash the wall LED lights beat the lights on the wall, with the use of the project-light lamp, but their role more soft. And LED lamp line is mostly used for building outline, may make the digital screen effect, of course, can also be mounted in the corner to find the wall lights, but LED wash wall lamp is more flexible.

2, specification and parameter

LED wash wall light for high-power products, LED lamp line is mostly in the small power. Because want to see the light height, LED wash wall lamp and metope commonly and has a certain interval, high power LED wash wall light is more. And do general LED lamp line, small power can.

waterproof LED wash wall light heat dissipation difficulty bigger, drainage and convection planning. LED wash wall lamp in the process of production, first of all need to wash the wall lamp glue glue machine, and then on the glass cover glass glue to glue on structural waterproof.

3, product appearance

many have LED wash wall lamp with a lens, intuitive is LED wash wall lamp bracket, can be at ease recuperate, agree with the use of its own requirements. And scales, LED wash wall lamp has a large scale, and LED the line light rare. Due to the use function, LED line lights are mostly square appearance, stent, LED wash wall light due to the belt planning more appearance.

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