LED wash wall lamp installation wiring method

by:Sehon     2020-09-27

if you are walking in a lot of space, if the day was fine, no big impact, if be the night, the vision and bring a lot of the same walk, a bit not careful, may fall or attack other problems. If choose LED wash wall lamp, can deal with the above problem, need not worry vision problems. LED wash wall lamp installation method can be simple, no matter whether you can understand, can try to understand it, if demand LED wash wall lamp device, can have a roughly understanding, then use it to test the master work again.

a, LED wash wall lamp device to

1. Prepare

( 1) LED wash wall lamp device before, to the LED lamp bead first demand of tin and iron, welding on aluminium substrate, preparing device in use.

( 2) Check device information first, if there is a problem, can negotiate a refund or exchange, the final preparation device kit.

2。 Check

in order to ensure that the quality of the device, check welding again good boards, electricity test whether can be normal light, to prevent the welding, presents the status of the dawn, the need to remove the connection again.

3。 If the lamps and lanterns to function normal light, first in the back of the aluminum plate and coated with silicone heat dissipation, put the board on the inside.

4。 Welding

( 1) Welding on aluminium substrate of the power cord to the positive and negative poles, tape to tie both ends, and implement glue must be fixed.

( 2) In the process of glue, the overall average flat, don't or tilted at an Angle, affects the effect of device.

5。 If use glue, in the afternoon that day, the remaining hand over to treat, then put the glass, then the two ends of the device to wash the wall lamp plug.

6。 Will stop device after wash wall lamp, wiring of wire interface, don't connection error, the best one by one corresponding cohesion, insert male female, formulate book device according to the parameter control.

7。 When manufacturing scrap lamp, electricity first and then opened the switch test, check whether the normal light, if abnormal, retest self-care.

2, LED wash wall lamp device advertent items

1. Device before, please shut off the power, so as to avoid improper operation to get an electric shock.

2。 Pay attention to check the identified voltage on wall lamp, and to join, can input voltage differences, if not the same, it is best not to join, prevent damage of the LED.

3。 If not normal use, will reduce its use life, do not use in the middle of the acid mist gas concentration.

4。 The device and transportation process, pay attention to shock, otherwise easy to damage.

5。 Device, to ensure that the device location, device after check is very shaking, if yes, can check.

6。 Present problems such as lamps and lanterns, please place the lamps and lanterns is concentrated in a central, then send back to the company inspection maintenance.

7。 Power lamp body wire breakage is found, please immediately stop using.

this paper to analyze the LED wash wall lamp device, analyzed the total LED wash wall light, LED wash wall light unit pay attention to matters such as two content, focus on the LED wash wall lamp device, there are many details, don't forget the oh! For example, early detection data, early test lamps and lanterns, if no problem, can continue to device. When the LED wash wall lamp device, must after testing and correction, don't leave users use the hidden trouble.

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