LED wash wall lamp integration design

by:Sehon     2020-10-21

can instead of 20 w and 40 w incandescent lamp LED wash wall lamp prices ranging from $5 to $10. But in about 60 w, and compact fluorescent lamps ( CFL) The price of incandescent lamp can use solid-state lighting ( SSL) Light instead. High price means the LED wash wall lamp market has lost their appeal for most countries and regions, Japan. Sold in LED wash wall lamp, Japan far beyond the sum total of North America and Europe.

as the integration solutions, contains more efficient planning, production is more simple, business negotiation and sale of pipe is simpler, LED wash wall lamp price will fall.

new definition of LED wash wall light

LED wash wall lamp to replace the traditional light bulb. LED wash wall lamp with energy-saving, the lumens is equal to the similarity, color temperature and high CRI characteristics, but the traditional lighting in these areas is difficult to define. Consumers are forced to quickly understand the LED wash wall lamp and understand that affect the price of LED wash wall light elements.

buy LED wash wall lamp is like buying a after use, save money. Japanese producers in all stores for consumers to implement common sense: LED packaging can see the traditional lamp and LED wash wall lamp light distribution and the differences between the lumen output; Shops filled with interactive, display practical use with LED lights and other types of comparison between the lamp. U. S. retailers to consumers, efforts to spread knowledge a bit lost.

LED wash wall light planning is used to supply similar shape factor and lumen output instead of a plan. However, consumers only know the quality of new light source, now don't know why they have no capital to supply more lumens for them. The LED is unique in them to make the producers can be guided by the traditional elements are different. For example, light source, the producers can according to the intention of the interchangeability - improve the LED component - LED wash wall lamp can also benefit from this approach. This simple program simplifies the production process of LED wash wall lamp.

goods store financial impact way to

agio situation to reduce the financial impact of the source of producers and consumers can accept the price. About the commodity market is concerned, however, agio system not only lack of LED wash wall lamp, the continuity of geographic spread and feasibility, and also by the money, time and the limitation of the political environment. Big companies have a better chance contact release financial influence the arrangement of the plan. Small about want to enter a new market or foreign producers, agio system is not always useful. Best LED wash wall lamp producers still rely on their own skills, production capacity, supply chain and its connection with sale way.

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