Led wash wall lamp, introduce new applications and products

by:Sehon     2020-10-17

led wash wall light brief, which is also called the project-light lamp, because on the surface they especially like something a rectangle, also someone that they think is line lamp, but technical parameters and basically project-light lamp is roughly same, led wash wall light relatively has a circular structure, their structure of bar radiator also will be more better.

in small engineering using a temporary, can be used without any manipulation of the device, can complete the mutation or random, and can finish color shining or mutations alternating dynamic role, can be useful when out of control in handling, complete chasing a variety of different functions such as scanning, this is because the led has some characteristics of large power wash wall lamp, so now can be widely used in temporary monomer building and billboard lighting, from a historical building walls and other lighting conditions, basically there is more green and related function of illumination, and temporary in medical and civilization of special equipment category will be able to play a better role of lighting, lighting bar or places of entertainment and technology.

operation temperature

led wash wall lights can be basically device in the field, so the device in the field more extensive, the scope of such a parameter is also relatively more important, about the requirements of the temperature is also very high, general conditions required field temperature are basically between 40 ℃ below zero to six hundred and forty degrees above freezing, a temporary can work in this range, but the condition is that the heat dissipation is relatively good, and is made of some good aluminum shell, this requirement is generally can be satisfied with the demand for washing wall lamp. Protective level

led wash wall light the degree of protection is very important also, now they are the same in the whole quality of guardrail tube down is the most important indicators, and must have more stringent requirements, when used in the field, protection grade are basically in the purpose of the above, this is one of the best kind of protection, and of course with some other related pressure or other high-temperature aging level condition, and will have a different representative, without any damage after rinse.

control method

if want to use led wash wall light for useful manipulation, so both internal control and external control, basically also don't have to take control, planning personnel of the control system directly to the planning in the wash wall lamp inside is ok, the degree of effect is basically does not change, however, their role in general can also be used in large engineering.

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