LED wash wall lamp manufacturer to talk to you about the LED wash wall lamp

by:Sehon     2020-10-24

for LED wash wall lamp, there are two manipulating methods: internal control and external control. Internal control is not an external control, planning personnel control system inside the washing wall lamp, the degree of effect can't be changed.

external control is the external control device, the effect can be adjusted through the control button and change effect. Usually in the large engineering, customer request to change effect, we are with this external control plan.

LED wash wall lamp, the importance of the product in the outdoor lighting engineering now, with the acceleration of urban development speed, lighten all over the country in full swing of the commencement of the project, monomer building facade lighting, historic building group, building outside light through lighting, indoor local lighting; Health, civilization and other specialized equipment lighting; Beautify the landscape lighting, billboard lighting; Bars, dance halls and other places of entertainment are lighting scene start pay attention to the beautification of the lamp. But most people only see the glory of the top lighting engineering, but did not know there is a call LED wash wall light products in the lighting played a very important effect. External control wash wall lamp control unit connection to clarify:

high power LED wash wall light is able to use a single device, multiple lights can also be combined concentration device is applied, wash wall lamp device can present what phenomenon? Unreasonable device control device connection will lead to all lamps and lanterns is not bright. Surveying of land wash wall lamp lighting manufacturers to explain how external control wash wall lamp right connection?

external control LED wash wall lamp control device connection to clarify:

1, the manipulation of the device information for the three core, blue A1, B1 to green, red to GND, the signal is necessary from the male head into LED wash wall lamp, female head, power supply for the two core, two core brown switch power supply, positive, blue cathode of switch power supply.

LED wash wall light using the advertent items

1. LED wash wall lamp pay attention to in the process of device and transportation shock.

2。 LED wash wall lamp device ensure device location can accept before 10 times the weight of the product. Device in no sensation no shaking, no local fire danger.

3。 LED wash wall light from the power source of the product on the label.

4。 LED wash wall lamp with delicate devices, please do not to open it.

5。 LED wash wall lamp, such as rendering, please back to repair.

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