LED wash wall lamp manufacturing steps

by:Sehon     2020-11-02

LED wash wall lamp, can manufacture according to the following steps:

1. Intact aluminum substrate with a bit of heat conduction glue, can assist to wash radiator cooling wall, and the lamp bead one solder.

2。 In the welded put wash wall lamp bead of the plate shell, sealed next to the two slots. Lunch when the glue will not leak glue out

3. Requirements of glue is to wash the wall lamp to LED the tank filling and trembling point match easily dry silica gel ( White plastic or vinyl) Waterproof glue, glue can heat the role of

4. After these silica gel dry did carefully check the lamp bead is the plastic cover, any disposal of the clean.

5。 Is to wash the wall lamp of LED panel glass lid, put on the head. So LED wash wall light manufacturing. ( Before the group head take these lines to group head inside)

6。 Link is aging packaging

in the process of equipment in the process of using, we need to ensure that the equipment has a strong ability to withstand natural, which makes the use of these devices, we can have a good effect. When used in high power LED wash wall lamp light, we also need to know what equipment, should be the nature of the use of high, let us know what kind to the choice of these devices.

high power LED wash wall light lamp in the design process, the abundant thought to the influence of various natural elements, has a strong ability to deal with these natural elements. So you can make these devices are in use, you can better play his results. The disposal of natural elements to allow us to use these devices will be able to complete the process of demand concerns, it can apply our equipment can use very good effect.

high power LED wash wall lights and these powerful to cope with natural elements, so be good because we use the equipment for its central.

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