LED wash wall lamp operation principle

by:Sehon     2020-10-25

LED wash wall lamp, because the volume is bigger, better heat dissipation, so also greatly reduced the difficulty in planning, but in practice, also can present constant current drive do not too good, presents the damage of too many, so how to wash the wall lamp can run better, the point is on the control and drive control and drive, let's learn together.

1。 LED constant current device

related to the LED high-power products, we will be filed to the constant current drive, then what is the LED constant current drive? Regardless of the load range of change, the LED current insist on constant is called the LED constant current drive circuit. If wash the wall lamp is punctuated with 1 w leds, we typically 350 ma LED constant current drive, with the intention of the LED constant current drive is in order to progress the LED life spans and light failure. Constant current source is good or bad selection is based on its efficiency and stability degree, I try to select high efficiency constant current source, it can cut down the loss of energy and temperature.

2。 The use of led wash wall light

let let's analyze the wash wall lamp first applied occasion and can complete led wash wall light through built-in microchip control, used in small engineering situations, can be applied without control device, can finish the mutation, jump, shining color, random shine and mutation to replace dynamic effect, can also through the DMX control, complete chase, scanning, and so on.

3。 Use place

use of places: history of monomer, the former building group of exterior lighting. Outside the building light through lighting, indoor lighting. Beautify the landscape lighting LED wash wall light billboard lighting. Health, civilization and other special lighting equipment. Bars, dance halls and other places of entertainment atmosphere lighting

4. The trend of LED wash wall light

in recent years, LED wash wall lamp has been widely applied to various places, such as company building walls, government building surroundings, former history built wall lighting, entertainment, etc. ; Reach scale is becoming more and more widely, from indoor to outdoor, from the initial part of the lighting up to now all the rope, is the level of progress and development, the growing progress over time, LED wash wall light on now qin has many into the category of the rope, the next few years, LED wash wall light will become a part of the lighting engineering of no shortage.

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