LED wash wall lamp to do cleaning cleaning

by:Sehon     2020-11-02

LED wash wall lamp USES the cautious industrial design, compact appearance of common cement, with the characteristics of safe and reliable, easy to operate, with outstanding nearly interval mixed color without a shadow of common effect, high lumen output. This floodlight is a kind of to all over the world even illuminate the point light source. Is mainly used for building generalization, overpass, monuments, decorative lighting, pillar, flower beds and other places. Wash wall lamp structural waterproof function: common structure is advantageous to the shell on the flow discharge and new-style waterproof silicone, can ensure the sealing of lamps and lanterns, ensure no water and dust.

when the daily clean wash wall lamp shell power light, don't remove the wash wall lamp shell structure, power supply lamp components don't disorderly lamp after cleaning, when assemble the lamp, lamp won't miss.

many have LED wash wall lamp with a lens, intuitive is to wash the wall lamp bracket, can adjust the point of view, at ease with the use of its own requirements. And scale, wash wall lamp has a large scale, and LED the line light rare. Due to the use function, wash wall lamp because with stents, design more appearance.

wash wall lamp to interval of 5 - 40 meters, especially appropriate scene building building, the wild square, scene and metope, exhibit the brush color. Protection grade reaches IP65, is able to adapt to list all kinds of temperature and humidity environment. Colors are red, yellow, blue, green, white, colorful color, and so on. Through the combination of coloured light and water, clever feeling, brings you a dreamy artistic conception.

time how important it is to wash the wall lamp shell protection, protect the good wash wall lamp shell power lamp can extend the LED power light life spans, wash wall lamp shell power light, when we first buy washing wall lamp shell, not immediately device of lights, should read carefully formulated, attack could be dangerous, etc. , according to the indicating device, in order to prevent unnecessary danger.

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