LED wash wall light advantage compared with incandescent bulbs

by:Sehon     2020-11-11

1, energy saving. Now the LED lighting is about 8 times of incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp 2 - Four times, that also means that the same brightness LED power consumption is only one 8 of incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp 1/4 to 1/2. Using 40 w incandescent lamp, to obtain the same brightness, should use 10 w fluorescent lamp maybe 5 wled lamp. According to the calculation using the 3 hours a day, incandescent lamp consumes 43 each year. 8 KWH, fluorescent lamp power 10. 95 KWH, LED lamp power consumption is 5. More than 475 KWH, a single source of business accounting, the more light, energy saving, the more obvious.

2. Use the full length. The use of LED lights stature shall generally be 30000 & ndash; 50000 hours, far more than 10000 hours of 1000 hours of incandescent lamp and fluorescent lamp.

3, green environmental protection. Do not contain lead, mercury and other pollution elements, no pollution to the environment, and the fluorescent lamp contains mercury vapor, even small doses will also pose a damage to liver, lungs, and brain, have a great damage to human body and environment.

4, safety. Lamp shell use more plastic material, high impact strength, non-friable, easy to transport and use more secure. Incandescent lamp and fluorescent lamp generally choose glass shell, relatively fragile, with simple glass pieces, no security.

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