LED wash wall light channel is king

by:Sehon     2020-09-28

LED industrial layout strategy will affect the mall of the battle. With a growing number of operators to join, LED wash wall lamp market broke before the professional division of labor between, lighting and professional way, presents the trend of the competition. At this time, as long as the way which can fully use innovation and marketing skills talents to do to win more customers, and catch more market opportunity.

in 2018, engaged in LED wash wall lamp professional producers have different levels of experience. In general, is engaged in LED wash wall lamp manufacturers feel cold, the speed of increase in sales and falling prices is out of proportion, although the price has reached the capital advantage, quality will not lose the world, but it will not sell, lead to more serious, inventory, the company's financial instead stores sell lighting distributor, LED wash wall lamp sales continue to increase, and profits increased by 50% a year, what is the meaning of this? As long as is a fact that LED wash wall lamp is not the main points of the production, but in the access.

instead of traditional lamps and lanterns of LED wash wall light to come in the future

production and sale of the traditional method of lamps and lanterns can find there are not many bulb producers in the world. Many LED wash wall lamp producers do not directly produce lamps and lanterns. Most of them are looking for other producers and different styles of lamps and lanterns is collaboration. I bought it, so I find this is a practice triangle way of business.

however, in the era of the LED wash wall lamp, can find commercial type has now become a triangle. Due to continuing glut LED wash wall light capacity, the traditional division of labor is no longer visible. Assembly house LED wash wall lamp or LED wash wall lamp chip plants have been paid in lighting company, to reduce capital after mass production. Has entered the market or are using the way of the producers now has original equipment producers ( OEM) Into the category of LED lighting, this LED to the light source and LED wash wall lamp, the fast rise in number of the producers. 'Guess lighting way will be LED wash wall lamp producers, the decisive battle.

if you are a replacement of traditional lighting, LED wash wall lamp with you it is necessary to first understand the traditional lighting professional. Traditional lighting order is small order, through layers of way to sell, no one can thoroughly grasp the whole lighting paths, and even some world famous brands, such as philips ( 菲利普。 ) , osram ( OSRAM) And the singularity ( GE) Also accounts accounts for only 50% of the whole lighting market.

the other 50%, generally by the local lighting factory or lighting brand has, while focusing on traditional lighting lamp shell. Compared with the new entrants to the producers, the traditional lamp is LED wash wall lamp factory strength and mold opening plan. Capital is now amortization, mould of capital to save on the lamps and lanterns.

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