Leishi suppliers stop supply

by:Sehon     2020-10-14

after days of bitterness etc. After an inconclusive, leishi lighting since August 10 core suppliers stopped to leishi. Leishi insiders say that the current inventory can only maintain the factory production of three or four days, this means that within three or four days in the future, even if leishi employees don't strike again, may also be because & other; Cut & throughout; The passive suspension.

since August 10, leishi procurement management center have received core suppliers contact letter, including chongqing reebok trade co. , LTD. , huizhou yipin hardware electrical appliance plastic products factory, Jin Yu packaging materials plant and skadden printing co. , LTD. , supplier, etc have stopped to leishi.

reebok trading company in contact, according to the letter & other; Your company was held on July 12th executive meeting of supply and demand, your company board of directors agreed to at the meeting we implement our appeal on August 1, has not yet received a reply, to make our serious questions about your company's good faith, thus concerns enterprise contract (in the future cooperation The supply and demand cooperation) Is like a blank sheet of paper! ”

therefore, reebok business 3 points make a decision: 1, from this day, On August 10). Stop supply; 2, settle all payment for goods; 3, solve the related inventory. Reebok business, said hope leishi respect supplier, reply as soon as possible.

Jin Yu packaging materials plant, said recent board leishi instability, production orders and loans to pay extremely abnormal, decided to no longer receive follow-up, stop supply, and demand all loans fully settled in three days.

leishi, insiders say Andrew y yan late reply from dealers and staff appeal, make previously backed some of the executives and senior chang-jiang wu gradually lose hope, at present has been ready to resign.

leishi, founder of the chang-jiang wu to netease financial said today, nearly two days did not communicate with Andrew y yan for further, for he will return to leishi chang-jiang wu said, & other; This I also don't know the situation. ”

when netease finance asked leishi core suppliers stop supply again slowly collapse, would lead to leishi chang-jiang wu is very helpless, & other; I don't want suppliers in this way, and most don't want to see leishi fell, but now I can't. ”

although chang-jiang wu is not willing to talk about Andrew y yan, but its on weibo again on August 10 expressed dissatisfaction with Andrew y yan, he said, & other; Mercenary capitalists is never have the entrepreneurs of aspiration and social responsibility. I hope the people of the whole society to care, support and encourage entrepreneurs. ”

after the leishi spokesman said Andrew y yan reply dealers and employees appeal deadline from August 1 to August 10. But Andrew y yan in a few days ago to netease finance said, there is no so-called final reply deadline, chang-jiang wu back to still need to comply with the three conditions, when to reply to dealer's appeal is need to wait for hkex to notice.

it is understood that the core suppliers stop supply leishi, dealers action may accelerate again for the creation of independent brands.

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