Light bulb LED lights manufacturer to explain how to distinguish good or bad

by:Sehon     2020-10-30

rapid growth and popularity of LED lighting products, gradually replacing the traditional light bulbs, LED lighting is also in a big push, so there are a lot of types, choose when also need to distinguish between good and bad, a lot of people are not selected, then the LED light bulb how to distinguish good or bad? Different skills are LED lamps and lanterns?

1, the brightness of the LED lamp bead. Poor light beads made of light and brightness is lower, because the quality of the LED lamp bead light emitting chip resolution made of LED lamp bead brightness is not high. The chip is 1 2 cents a defective goods, using a problem comes, leakage ( Death light) 。 Authentic chips things make characteristic is high brightness, function stability, but the price will be high.

2, FPC board quality. FPC board of two panels and single, don't need to say more, affirmation is better than a single panel, double panel first reflect on the function of thermal conductivity is much better, the quality certainly more secure, the corresponding price is also higher.

3, color temperature. About color temperature, due to debug the lights, LED chips more or less will be a little deviation, the color temperature difference existence is also normal, but normal LED lights with produce, produce LED lamp belt in the same batch with the naked eye can't see the color temperature difference. Defective manufacturer with batch color temperature difference is obvious.

4, how to distinguish the defect LED lamps and lanterns: material

high pressure lamp with PVC material, the normal manufacturer will use domestic environmental protection material, has no smell. Informal manufacturers use is secondary recovery of PVC material, produced when they have a large plastic smell. Low-pressure lamp with casing, normal manufacturer will use silicon casing, not normal manufacturer use PVC casing, single from here, the prices vary considerably.

5, how to distinguish the defect LED lamps and lanterns: packaging

normal LED lights belt can choose anti-static coil disc packaging, usually 5 meters a roll or 10 meters a roll, and then the outside use anti-static moisture-proof packaging seal. And because shanzhai LED lamp belt can save capital, and choose back coil plate, then no anti-static moisture-proof packaging bags, see coil plate can see surface scratches and tracks to remove labels.

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