Maintenance method of LED bulbs

by:Sehon     2020-11-02

as one of the LED lighting category, filament lamp bright thoroughly with tungsten filament lamp, LED lamp energy saving and long life characteristics, has gradually been recognized and loved by consumers. Follow the draft eu regulations in April this year, 2020 forbids the use of tungsten halogen lamp and compact fluorescent lamp as light source. Filament lamp, or will be become growth in recent years LED lighting products.

is an element that restore ancient ways, is also a kind of attitude. For prevailing wind restoring ancient ways, make lighting environment restoring ancient ways of the bulb is nostalgic flavour. The modelling of nostalgia, close to natural light color temperature, filament lamp always reminiscent of the memory of a good time in the past. The bulb of the maintenance measures mainly include: too often to the power of the open to turn off the lights. Don't let the bulb to give off light string for too long. Don't in parallel in a patch panel too much electrical appliances. Don't be in the light on when plug the power supply, even unscrewed the light bulb. Don't put the hot bulb immediately get a cold environment, and vice versa.

all glass lamp body, the material, the filament bubble selects high pervious to light glass lamp body, the margin of safety, heat is not yellow, elegant and beautiful, more than the candle, the ball bubble glass lamp of the body shape, and transparent, amber, white, half silver plating, grinding a variety of colors, style diversity, to the satisfaction of various places supplement appearance requirements.

led lights manufacturer in terms of technology, although has taken the measures to hinder the tungsten increase at high temperatures, but in fact tungsten can increase at high temperature, the solid directly into a gas. After hot tungsten steam cools and sublimation of solid crystals on the inner surface of the lamp. So the light bulb will be blackened dark. Other, improve and China makes the result of the filament and coagulation by the formula R = & rho; ( The resistivity) L/S( π r2) Can be obtained analysis, the smaller the radius r, the filament resistance r, and the end of the lamp voltage constant, P = U2 / r, so the power of light decreases, brightness dimmed.

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