Modular standard in development direction

by:Sehon     2020-10-21

the LED packaging technology in our country had great progress in recent years, the overall level of encapsulated with foreign difference is very small, even quite, but the key encapsulation materials are imported. In 2011, the global packaging device output value for $12. 5 billion, the growth rate of 9. 8%, otherwise report output for $11. 2 billion, and 137. 800 million dollars, but because of a shortage of these institutions for China's packaging industry estimates ( Less than $1 billion) , so the global packaging production actual should be approximately $16 billion. The packaging enterprises for the day of the world's top ten, samsung, Seoul semiconductor, osram, LG, sharp, philips, sharp, Toyota, light, etc. , 68% of the global market. Encapsulation device output of about 25 billion yuan in China, the output value of more than 40 enterprises in 100 million yuan of above, device photosynthetic efficiency of 120 ~ 130 lm/W, using imported chip, up to 140 ~ 150 lm/W.

in order to improve the light efficiency, encapsulation reliability and reduce cost, the industry by SMC composites, DMS, high conductivity materials, all kinds of ceramic materials, fluorescent powder coating process, and the new seal structure, etc. , have made great progress.

new phosphors, graphene heat dissipation, quantum dots, etc. New technology constantly emerging. China's independent innovation of COB new structure has many advantages, and can reduce the cost of 10% ~ 30%. At present, COB lights have up to 130 ~ 150 lm/W.

at the same time, the chip, drive and control part, such as heat dissipation, parts packaged together module, standardize production standard of modular encapsulation LED products become the development direction of semiconductor lighting source. Zhaga alliance has been set for this more than a dozen draft standard, mainly light engine interface interface standard, including physical size, optical, electrical and thermal characteristics, etc.

there are experts predict that as a result of direct eutectic welding standard packaging technology and modularization, another 5 ~ 10 years, will not need the LED packaging companies specialized packaging LED lighting devices, but by the lighting enterprise packaging and assembly together.

according to relevant report, due to the extension, the chip slash costs, packaging to adopt new technologies, will further reduce the cost. So has the agency predicted, LED devices in recent years, the price will be at an average 20% rate reduced.

in conclusion, encapsulation technology adopting new structure, new technology and nanoscale technologies, has obtained the breakthrough in the future are likely to use alternative packaging technology of phosphor, adopts the modular encapsulation in the field of lighting, LED don't need to separate packaging, different applications may use different packaging technology products. So the cost of device will drop dramatically, the enterprise should have to bear ability.

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