National new energy strategy guide, brand 'governors' needs to be broken

by:Sehon     2020-11-01

semiconductor lighting technology is emerging in the 21st century the most promising one of the field of high and new technology. LED industry in today's big thermalization, the United States, Japan, European Union, South Korea, Taiwan and other countries and regions have introduced semiconductor lighting national or regional development plans, foster and develop their or semiconductor lighting industry in the region.

at the macro level, although our country have introduced various policy advice and pilot cities further helped guide development of the industry, but the big LED industry heat at the same time, the industry of our country is suffering from industry standards and local government focus for the native & other; Governors throughout brand &; Place protection practice.

the LED industry has always been many investors are scrambling to compete for industry, the LED industry has also become the trend of the domestic big heat, momentum before & other; Governors throughout brand &; How to gain the broken into the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) 6 departments opinion with independent brands, such as large market influence of the top 10 become a difficult problem of leading enterprises.

2010 regional semiconductor lighting industry cluster of collaborative innovation, & other Governors throughout brand &; Local broken will become the local government and LED lighting enterprise core planning agenda.

2010 will be LED lighting industry in China & other; Governors throughout brand &; Closer to home broken national an inflection point, also is the harbinger of the industry monopoly era. At the micro level, with American GE, Dutch PHILIPS, Germany OSRAM three big world lighting production of multinational company, have cooperation with upstream semiconductor company to form a semiconductor lighting company, actively create competitive advantage, and is China patent commanding heights, formed on the semiconductor technology development of our country the camp. Therefore, how to guide our country & other; Governors throughout brand &; Successfully broken, effectively integrate the four domestic semiconductor lighting industry gathered regional advantage resources, through the cooperative innovation of industrial cluster, jointly cope with competition of the multinational corporation as the core of the national and local government and entrepreneurs.

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