Philips LED lights cup how to change

by:Sehon     2020-10-31

external control LED guardrail lamp equipment manual first material:

philips LED lights cup due to electrical equipment, of a kind of special industry be of primary processing lighting problems, it contains the chimney of lamp shell, set up in the front lamp shell, set up on the inside of the lamp shell light and battery, the Settings to switch on the surface of the lamp shell, whose character is: the luminous body for high power LED modules, between the light and the battery has a wide input voltage driving circuit; Wide input voltage driving circuit consists of constant current chips, the constant flow of chips and battery power supply module, LED module cohesion on constant current chip, power supply module and the LED module glue sealing together; For ultrasonic welding between chimney and lamp shell.

due to solid cold light source, LED has high electro-optical conversion efficiency, low calorific value, small power consumption, low operation voltage is a safe voltage, long life and other advantages, is so high power white LED explosion-proof lamps and lanterns, especially portable explosion-proof lamps and lanterns of a very ambitious electric light source.

according to the actual demand of job site to confirm the installation position and the way of lamps and lanterns, according to the lamps and lanterns again prepare corresponding length of the distance to the power supply contact & Phi; 8 ~φ; 14 mm three core cable.

open ballast end cover, unscrew the ballast cable gland nut, introduced at the mouth of the lamps and lanterns of the cable, power supply wire, respectively, through the internal compression nut is introduced into the ballast terminals, cohesion is fixed, then tighten the cable gland nut and tighten ballast end cover.

according to confirm the installation position and methods of the lamp and ballast installed, then on the other side of the ballast input cable according to the requirements of explosion-proof lighting on 220 v power supply.

unscrew philips LED lights cup head bracket at the bottom of the screw, the lamp holder bracket can be around 360 & deg; Rotating regulate lighting direction; Unscrew the lamp holder bracket on both sides of the screw on the need of lighting and regulate good lighting point of the lamp holder, then screw fastening.

when replacing the light bulb, with appropriate screwdriver or other tool in front of two convex side hole unscrew the front cover, take out the bad bulbs, replace a new bulb.

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