Pleasure and pain with LED lighting technology

by:Sehon     2020-10-16

to talk about the LED with solid state lighting technology! Humans have from candles, gaslight, incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp, into the LED lighting technology; To promote the evolution process is LED in energy conversion efficiency advantages, and the energy savings in the past in the form of heat & other; Waste & throughout; Away. Cost-effectiveness is LED lighting one of the reasons for the favor, its service life can be more long many than incandescent bulbs.

the advantages of solid-state lighting are introduced: so compared with incandescent light bulbs, can the same luminous brightness with less energy consumption to achieve; This is a good news for housewife/primary, is for the earth. The feature of energy suppliers ( Electric power company) May be it is not good news & hellip; But not many people would care about? And the author wants to talk about, is a coming soon to ─ ─ or already happening ─ ─ the problem.

because switching to solid-state lighting technology can obtain the benefits of save electricity, save money, family, around the enterprise with local/central government agencies, will consider to install more lighting equipment, especially in outdoor place ─ ─ because you can through the sensor to the day/night switch control.

so, in fact, all of us together maybe can save some money and some energy, but can enjoy all day and night in their daily lives more and more light. The result should be pretty good for energy suppliers, but for humanity or the earth is not so good, for those who hope in complete darkness to harm the environment is bad news for the observation of stars astronomers.

what I mean is not LED lighting can't than in the past lighting technology to achieve the effect of saving more energy, also is not to say that we shouldn't use the new technology; It can achieve higher energy efficiency, it should be adopted, also will be a lot of use. But at the same time, it is necessary to take appropriate control measures, in order to avoid the waste of energy and unnecessary light pollution.

are you at home to a small corridor lamp perhaps is an expression of basic human rights, but from another point of view, you may be a & quot; Dark killer & quot; Or bring the environment light pollution. This & quot; Law of unintended consequences & quot; Reminds me of what was said the transistor inventor Walter Brattain together.

the Brattain from bell LABS ( BellLabs) Retired, back in the American state of Washington Walla Walla at Whitman college (Alma mater 惠特曼学院) , he said to have invented the transistor make him one of the things I regret, is led to the transistor radios, this product make loud rock music all day constantly appear in every corner of the campus.

LED lighting if it is possible to like bring Brattain noisy noise transistor radios, will also bring some unexpected problems for human being?

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