Price war to fuzhou YiXiYiYou LED enterprise

by:Sehon     2020-10-07

recently, the State Council decided to arrange financial subsidies of 2. 2 billion yuan to support the promotion of energy-saving lamps and LED lighting lamps and lanterns. The reporter learns yesterday, has not yet been formally allocated 2. 2 billion yuan, LED lights on the market price war has begun in advance. The price of some brand LED lights is only about 50% over the same period last year. Prices for the local LED industry development opportunities at the same time, also make some challenges the enterprise of strength is not strong.

the LED lamps and lanterns price reduction tide advancing

& other; Traditional incandescent lamp power consumption, short service life; Energy-saving lamps use current state subsidies, but mercury will produce pollution; LED lighting effect is a more than 70% energy-saving lamps, energy-saving and environmental protection, Britain, the United States, Japan, Canada and other developed countries in speed up the popularization and application. ” Fujian division among photoelectric chief engineer He Wenming said.

although leds products so good, but the price is higher still hinder its promotion. After a year or two before because of the scale of production become larger prices fall, 7 w leds is still tens of dollars, and energy-saving lamps as long as 10 yuan, cheap incandescent lamp as long as 1 yuan.

because of this, recently the State Council decided to arrange financial subsidies of 2. 2 billion yuan to support the promotion of energy-saving lamps and LED lighting lamps and lanterns. The reporter learns from fuzhou LED lamps enterprise, 2. 2 billion subsidies will reduce the price of LED lights, drop or of 15% ~ 20%.

to reporters surprise, subsidies rules not yet implemented, the cost of LED lamps on the market plunge ahead of time. A 7 w LED light bulbs, can sell for $40 to 50 yuan last year, only 20 yuan this year, a few small brand products even as long as ten yuan. This fell much more sharply than industry forecasts of 15% ~ 20% drop.

why prices were so big changes? Reporter yesterday learned after consulting businesses, mainly because the civil LED lamp huge market potential is gradually highlighted, roth relevant personage tells a reporter, had LED the civilian market share less than 5%, is now increasing at an annual rate of 200%, so many manufacturers price grab market ahead of time. The big price cuts, for example, the trigger is LED enterprises in our province took the lead, lighting one-time across its product price cut by more than 25%.

in addition, local LED lamps and lanterns of the original is export more, however, since the beginning of a lot of LED enterprises to export orders, foreign customers demand a painstakingly, lead to industry profit margins decline gradually. For merchants to full price for the domestic market. Now can buy all kinds of LED lights in local market brand, compared to two years ago, that number increased by nearly 4 times.

local LED enterprises face a challenge

state subsidies and market expanding, LED the market of lamps and lanterns look good, but the industry said that for fuzhou LED enterprises, becoming some serious situation. “ Subsidies rules introduced early next month is expected to the end of this month, the state subsidies will be the primary benefit of group LED the competitive large enterprises. ” China LED semiconductor lighting industry association secretary general told reporters at a off white jade.

fuzhou in LED products research and development started earlier, in April 2009, fuzhou among countries & other; Ten city wan light & throughout; One of semiconductor lighting application engineering 21 pilot cities. At present, there are engaged in fuzhou, the LED lighting technology and product research, development, production and application of dozens of enterprises, all kinds of LED lamps and lanterns capacity can reach tens of millions of light year after year. In addition, the fuzhou also seize the opportunity of Taiwan LED industry transfer, photoelectric enterprises at rongping, attracted a lot of Taiwan in fuzhou of fujian and Taiwan joint venture LED industry base of building a total investment of 3 billion yuan. At present, as the local businesses with China, Taiwan LED to the deepening of cooperation of Chinese Academy of Sciences, fuzhou LED the competitiveness of the enterprises is more and more strong. Current fuzhou a enterprise research and development of LED lights, for example, most index reached the international advanced, the leading domestic level, and the production cost is the lowest.

as LED the market the competition, however, for most enterprises, may also reduce the profit margin, part of the enterprise may be eliminated.

close white jade said, the current domestic LED some 8000 enterprises, is in a state of small and scattered, some companies began to collapse from the year before. Investigate its reason, on the one hand is due to the severe overcapacity; On the other hand is due to the LED production cycle of new products about 3 months to 6 months, shortage of funds, lack of core technology of small and medium-sized enterprises to be little. At present some LED local companies mainly engaged in the middle and lower reaches of encapsulation, application, etc. ), rarely involved in the upstream segment. Upstream link accounted for about 70% of the profits, and the downstream segment accounts for only 30%. Therefore, seize this critical period, in two or three key support and cultivate a few national LED big enterprise, create brand, gain a foothold in the international market, is the key to the development of local LED industry.

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