Prices still are important factors hinder the popularization of the LED lights

by:Sehon     2020-10-27

as the LED technology matures, the price of LED filament bulb from year to year low, but relative to fluorescent energy-saving lamps, LED lamps and lanterns still have about three times the price of the price gap. This relative to the ordinary family users, the price gap is very fatal, after all, home users for LED energy-saving lamps and lanterns that advantage is not sensitive, want to popularization of LED lamps and lanterns in the consumer, the price is a big barrier.

after investigation, at present the capital city of the lamps and lanterns of sales, the market is still a fluorescent energy-saving lamps as the dominant, and about 80% of sales, and the elimination of incandescent lamp still has a 10% share of the emerging LED filament bulb is only 2% 3% of sales amount. Although many people have begun to learn the LED lamps and lanterns, but alternative prices are still on the high side, so consumer's purchasing desire is small.

let's calculate brushstroke zhang: in a household lighting lamps and lanterns is 5 hours a day, using the total power of 80 w lamps and lanterns, day lighting electricity is about 0. 4 KWH, then a year is 144 KWH. According to the zero. 7 yuan/degree, light about 100 yuan a year, estimates that if all LED lamps and lanterns can save 50 yuan. So for the average family users, the significance of energy saving is not large, so the initial purchase price is especially important, how can you reduce the price of the LED lamps and lanterns has become important chip can LED to enter the home users.

as the chip cost and power cost is falling and will continue to lower the price of the LED lamps and lanterns, but surveying of land science and technology call for the LED production enterprises don't throw away under the condition of quality at a low price to hit the market, you will only have the opposite effect, the national government also issued the relevant industry standards in the near future to regulate some inferior products at low prices, now we believe that the LED lamps and lanterns has many virtues will reach in the near future.

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