Promotion of LED lighting products in guangdong province high quality enterprise financing will receive ten billion yuan

by:Sehon     2020-10-15

this year guangdong province LED output value 210 billion yuan is expected to promote the LED lighting products in China in 2012 ( Dongguan) The international cooperation of science and technology week's signature. On November 1, sponsored by guangdong province department of science, societe generale LED lighting products in guangdong province to promote peak BBS held in dongguan.

department of guangdong province deputy director-general of the Ye Jing figure introduces the development of LED industry in guangdong province. Last year, he said, in guangdong province LED output value of 151. 5 billion yuan, continue to maintain a higher growth rate this year, is expected to reach 210 billion yuan. “ Product application is a key link in the process of activation product market, is to achieve energy conservation and emissions reduction in guangdong province, the important measures to promote science and technology benefiting the people. ” Ye Jing figure, in May this year, guangdong provincial government held a work conference on the province to promote LED lighting, guangdong province put forward three years to complete in the field of public LED lighting transformation, pull the LED output value reached 500 billion yuan. Under the unified deployment of guangdong province, so far, in guangdong province has been completed 120000 tender and installation of LED outdoor lighting lamps and lanterns, 300000 lights, interior lighting products to promote the popularization and application of LED lighting products. To build the pearl river delta international LED industry clusters, and the bank guangzhou branch of guangdong province department of jointly signed the LED lighting products in guangdong province to promote the comprehensive cooperation agreement and special agreement. According to the agreement, the bank will be in accord with the China banking regulatory commission (CBRC) and its internal examination and approval requirements under the premise of targeted to conform to the conditions on the LED industry chain of guangdong province quality enterprises, with total amount of 10 billion yuan of special financing services. Credit objects including to contract energy management mode or other energy-saving service enterprise, be engaged in technical innovation of lighting products manufacturers, suppliers and have the funds due to participate in government procurement requirements of the owner unit, etc. Ye Jing figure is introduced, in the LED lighting products, in guangdong province will focus on building technology and the development of the industrial capital and financial capital integration system, efforts to build world-class LED industry zones in the pearl river delta. “ This year is the key period, in the hope that the guangdong around the city, according to the guangdong government pays special attention to the implementation of the requirements of the relevant. ” Ye Jing illustrations. Dongguan, dongguan LED output of about 15 billion yuan this year is expected to executive vice mayor guo-ying liang, under the unified deployment of guangdong province, dongguan LED lighting application has achieved great progress. So far, the dongguan complete installation and 4. 30000 LED street lamp and 11. 20000 LED indoor lamps and lanterns. At present, dongguan is engaged in LED application research and development production enterprise with 160, emerging gallium in attendance on the photoelectric, semiconductor, emperor photoelectron, Tony caig precision industry leading enterprises, formed from the substrate to the chip to the encapsulation, application, testing, etc. A relatively complete industrial chain, occupy the important position in the domestic semiconductor lighting industry. Is expected in 2012 in dongguan LED output value of 15 billion yuan, a 35% increase over last year,

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