Quality is fundamental to LED enterprise survival and development

by:Sehon     2020-10-16

quality, mainly of the specified type inner state of information science and technology, including elements of human, personnel, products, services, etc. The significance of existence, an enterprise that is the goal in order to achieve customer satisfaction. If customers are not satisfied, can be directly understood as poor quality of the enterprise. We use & other; Unified brand, unified standard, unified purchase, unified production, unified sales, unified service & throughout; , to realize to the LED quality guarantee.

a unified brand, is to put & other; Guang sheng lighting & throughout; Brand based on the pearl river delta first, then extends across the country, radiation overseas. We are based on: first, the current LED industry layout, industrial chain is the basic form of guangdong province, can through the way of integration, its assets or the ownership of an asset, or control of the enterprise; Second, we carefully analyzed the current development situation of guangdong province LED industry, found application in the production chain and chain between, also need a capital chain link, can be done by integration, integration of production chain and its application to the LED industry chain play a positive role. Third, China's LED industry in some of the core technology is restricted by foreign patent barriers, and some domestic enterprises have made a breakthrough in these aspects. By integrating the enterprise, we can directly involved in the LED industry chain of core technology in the field of research and development and production of high-end intervention. We with guangdong zhongke macro micro semiconductor equipment co. , LTD. , has carried on the resources integration, the company is a high-tech enterprise engaged in the r&d and production of MOCVD, with semiconductor research institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences research and development technology for many years, their research and development, manufacture of MOCVD solves the problem of domestic cannot produce MOCVD, filled the domestic blank.

the so-called uniform standards, is for the industry to develop a set of standardization system, to implement the research and development, production, management, service and integration; Is to make the work towards standardization, seriation and generalization. Unified significance lies in: to improve the applicability of products, processes and services, to prevent the trade barriers, promote technical cooperation. Unified purchasing, is on the basis of unified standards, to achieve reunification of the spare parts procurement; Unified production, is in line with international standards of production line, standard to produce the products, this is the important symbol of high-end enterprise; Unified sales, is to use a channel, a model for product sales, to build a & other; Guang sheng lighting & throughout; Sales platform, to ensure the unification of the product standardization production, to prevent counterfeit and shoddy products into the market; Unified service, is to use an effective mode to ensure that products in the chain of r&d, production, sales link, use the link for the user services.

can only do, enterprise development can be powerful, to go further

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