Quanzhou first benefit in the LED lighting subsidies

by:Sehon     2020-10-31

in the prequel uproar about LED lighting subsidies in recent period of time had a further action. It is understood that countries & other; Semiconductor lighting products in 2012 financial subsidies to promote project & throughout; Bidding results will be announced, after 30% of the subsidies, the bidding enterprise selling LED lights price will be slashed. In a month or two, quanzhou citizens are expected to buy a cheaper LED lights.

retail prices could halve

the Treasury and other three ministries announced in early march, start the fiscal subsidy for LED product promotion project bidding and our country will be the first of four types of LED lighting products subsidies, subsidies proportion is about 30%.

the quanzhou LED the enterprise did not participate in bidding, and roth, xiamen donglin electronics companies involved.

' Involved in the bidding enterprises are ex-factory price for bidding, this means that if these leds directly put on the market, the price is likely is only half the market retail price. ” Xiamen fireflies group ( In & other; Donglin electronic & throughout; Participate in bidding) President Gu Qiang said.

market or after suppression Yang first

through policy leverage LED lighting application market, not only the lamps and lanterns of downstream manufacturers can benefit from the upstream chip excess capacity expected pressure is expected to ease, such as three photoelectric Ann will be good. “ As chip prices drop, together with the recovery of the LED back light demand and demand, LED lighting, before this year, the domestic LED industry will present a low after high development momentum. ”

in the industry point of view, according to the current trend, at the end of 2015, China LED lighting penetration is expected to reach even more than 20%.

in addition to quanzhou, LED lighting enterprises and consumers all over the country in 2012 will get real discount from the subsidies and benefits, but promote the LED lighting is a long-term process, not only rely on subsidies to promote the development of the industry, must formulate relevant policy, for a long time to make the LED lighting industry on the path of healthy and read fast development.

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