Radar sensor LED bulb light metal case why not

by:Sehon     2020-11-11

radar sensor LED bulb light metal case why not? Now to explain for you!

a, principle limit

radar sensor LED bulb light is the doppler radar induction principle, can wear non-metallic objects, common board, gypsum board, glass can penetrate, radar sensor signal can penetrate through the wall, even invisible installation effect, but the metal objects can block radar signal, technical principle limit do not use a metal shell.

2, without using metal shell temperature increase unnecessary costs

radar sensor LED bulb light with optical function, namely the radar sensor + optical function, optical function make the radar sensor LED bulb lamp, not light during the day, night lights, and then have a radar, two functions together, not bright lights in the daytime, evening have a moving object into the scope of induction lights, light up for 24 hours a day, there will be no temperature rise, because mobile is only 2 - moving object in the induction range 3 seconds time, moving objects move within the scope of induction time and scope of moving object from induction continuous light time is 30 seconds, there is no temperature, it is not necessary to use the metal shell.

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