Rational era of LED lighting

by:Sehon     2020-09-28

since released out incandescent roadmap, LED lighting become the market hot plates, in the short-term interests and the survival of a natural environment, many cottage industry and some short-sighted manufacturers, using blind spots of public understanding of LED lighting is not enough, production of some LED lamps and lanterns, churning out; Dismissed the idea of some people are willing to try the LED lamps and lanterns, took the lamps and lanterns is a traditional bought more than ten times the price of the LED lamps and lanterns, can be said for a lifetime only a lamp, actually took only a few months; This kind of situation in the ancient town is more outstanding, which greatly restricted the healthy development of the LED lamps and lanterns industry. Especially on high-power lamps and lanterns, don't need to patch, need on the parts city turn a circle, buy back some suite, manufactured in assembly can be listed and shipment. So how to make people buy real LED lamps and lanterns is the current specification of LED lamps and lanterns market task of top priority! Eyes which restrict the development of the popularization of LED lamps and lanterns, of course, another main reason is the price and the correct understanding of LED lamps and lanterns.

in dealing with people on the LED the correct understanding, how to let the LED lighting products for the consumer's approval? In addition to the government policy level to support that level of suppliers through technology innovation to reduce the price of the products, consumers the cultivation of the concept of environmental protection is also very important. Japan's LED & other; Environmental protection & throughout; Propaganda is quite interesting, and its core is to reduce carbon emissions to education people, and people's life and personal health linked to the bedroom. A lot of LED publicity can see & other occasions; If you use this kind of LED lights/lamps and lanterns, how many kg will be for your family to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide throughout the &; 。 Obviously, people care more about his life work much less harmful gas in the space, rather than a country will reduce how much power consumption. In this sense, people are more willing to pay for the sake of his health, so that LED interior lighting naturally get promotion and popularization.

nowadays more and more application of LED begun to make inroads, civil family continue to this day from 5 years ago can be seen everywhere around LED publicity and photoelectric industrial park construction, significantly enhance the LED application status. And domestic market is the most common fluorescent lamp and incandescent lamp, and particularly low cost requirements, so if LED lights to replace the traditional fluorescent lamp and the ball bubble lights, lamps and lanterns is developed size, electrical interface specification, installation completely follow traditional lamps and lanterns, lighting effect is equal to or more than traditional lamps and lanterns, and have the price advantage.

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