Really energy-saving led lamp factory

by:Sehon     2020-09-28

with the advance of science and technology, our life is becoming more and more convenient. Like a long time ago, when the lights haven't create, let's light a candle, a lamp. Now follow lamp professional, lamp varieties also more and more. Wide variety of goods on the market, many people don't know how to choose, for example, energy-saving lamps and led lights which good, which is more save electricity, and so on. Today let small make up to look at really energy-saving led lights? What is the five major advantages of the led light? Together and see it!

the strengths of the led lamp 1

it's the lamp body is very dainty is very light, so can save a space. And it is energy-saving, if compared to common energy-saving lamps, it will cost 70% less energy, cost 90% less than incandescent bulbs. In a nutshell is energy saving money.

the strengths of the led lamp 2

since it is sophisticated chips encapsulation in epoxy resin, its small particles is very light, and it is hard to be damaged. Is the light bulb commonly, it is more resistant, durable, not easy to bad.

the strengths of the led lights 3

it's a long use life, in general, it can be used for 100000 hours, this is what concept, equivalent can be used for 11 years, this in all sorts of lamps and lanterns, use should be the longest service life.

the strengths of the led lights 4

it emits light color many, like many of the city at night is to use it to make the lighting effects. Compared to other light, the color becomes more colorful.

the strengths of the leds 5

due to its dainty, are comparatively light, and modelling changeable, so use range is wide. Like a lamp, snuff, and so on. And he is small, the use of voltage in 6 - 24 v or so, it is safe. It less heat, like in a museum, a jewelry store is applicable.

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