Refrigerator dedicated LED bulbs with ordinary light

by:Sehon     2020-09-29

with the continuous development of cold storage industry, the general lighting never even refrigerator inside the lighting requirements, so the refrigerator LED lamp operation. Probably most people still don't understand what you cold storage LED lights, so in the choice of refrigerated lighting lamps and lanterns is thought to be able to light can, in fact not oh, improper selection will form the unnecessary trouble. That today I have to inform our professional cold storage LED lights with the difference between general lighting lamps and lanterns.

a, cold storage, the advantages and disadvantages of LED lights

1. Strengths: cold storage LED lights low energy consumption, high brightness, long life, completely solve the general problem of stroboscopic light. But why there are many special cold storage as well as light users don't use? The price is the main factor. General 40-watt incandescent lamp for only 1 yuan, match a moistureproof lamp shade is only 30 yuan; And a set of 6 watt LED lamp refrigerator is 120 dollars ( Of course 6 than incandescent bulbs 40 watts LED lamp brightness high many) 。

2, cold storage, LED lights and lighting advantages and disadvantages compared commonly

now most lights use the refrigerator are incandescent lamp, energy-saving lamp, explosion-proof lamps, etc. , many conventional lighting in some proposed and ultra-low temperature frozen library environment is simply an explosion and damage. , of course, it can also be used generally incandescent or add a dampproof lampshades energy-saving lamps, this kind of equipment in - 18 ℃ below cannot be used in cold storage, a few days will be a bad one, in some large cold storage, the use of incandescent lamp, energy-saving lamp is not far, no, not brightness. Most users will use explosion-proof lamp, but the power.

these temperature such as explosion-proof lamps, energy-saving lamps, incandescent lamp is more highlights, heat is big, may corrosion on food irradiation food for a long time, not the use of suitable food cold storage.

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