Russian LED market three big characteristics

by:Sehon     2020-10-26

in recent years there have been more and more LED lamps and lanterns industry giants find Russia this huge market, industry, threat of war. These industry giants, such as philips, leishi. Among them, the recent Russian market carried out detailed analysis, there are three characteristics that Russia market.

first, Russia fluorescent lamp market's big, but recycling facilities construction lag behind. To solve the problem of heavy metals from waste glass tubes of lead and mercury is bad for the environment problem, need according to the capacity to build the corresponding processing center, mercury in effective recycling waste tubes, glass and metal. Faint due to funding, its product sales growth is greater than the rate of increase in recycling. The long run, environmental problems will become the containing fluorescent lighting product development & other Bottleneck & throughout; 。

second, profit-driven become the fetters of the market do big. Each big manufacturer do battle for the lucrative professional lighting market, energy-saving lighting market has no time to the public. At the same time, the mass market are not ready to to the energy-saving technological transformation. Russia LED filament bulb price is too high, to mark the LED lamp is 50 times more expensive than ordinary incandescent lamp, more expensive than fluorescent 10 & ndash; 15 times, it is difficult to in the home market. Dealers are more focus on public procurement of energy saving lighting projects. Supply to deep-pocketed railway, chemical, electricity, oil, storage, public buildings and other industrial users. Such as Russian Svetlana optoelectronics company for Russian railway companies to provide energy saving lighting projects amounted to more than 100. Philips products users for Luke oil company, audio and video stores, department stores supermarkets and big companies such as iron and steel company.

the third, the inner motive power of Russia's general lack of consumer to buy energy-saving products. Around electricity price is much cheaper than the European Union, Russia's most energy saving products in a few years later to show economy. On the choice of purchase intentions, consumers tend to be more low price of traditional lighting products.

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