Shenzhen by the end of next year to complete public LED lighting

by:Sehon     2020-11-09

on November 6, 2012, vice mayor of Chen Biao chaired a meeting room in shenzhen citizen center application work joint conference LED lighting products in shenzhen city. Shenzhen popularization and application of LED lighting products work joint conference member unit ( Including the district government, the district management committee, straight authority etc) Head to attend the meeting. Place Zhang Donglei, deputy director of the guangdong province department of development planning, semiconductor lighting industry in guangdong province SuiShiRong director of the joint innovation center were invited to attend the meeting.

conference, shenzhen public lighting lighting engineering all to adopt new LED light, the original of the LED light will be completed all reform by the end of 2013. Vice mayor Chen Biao chaired the meeting, the district government, the district management committee, the application of LED lighting products such as straight mechanism work joint conference members to come to the meeting, head of the unit.

it is known that ordinary incandescent lamp life from one thousand to three thousand hours of lighting, LED lighting time in theory can be up to 6 to 100000 hours. Lu Jian, director of the shenzhen municipal science and technology innovation committee, will be the first to develop LED lighting in areas such as subway, tunnel, change jobs. According to statistics, the government lighting system replacement for the number of more than 500000. LED lighting will implement the reform project lighting energy saving more than 50% compared with the same diameter. Through & other; Contract energy management mode & throughout; , the government can save a lot of electricity, to promote industry development with low energy consumption. At present, the city LED industry scale is about 70 billion yuan, in 2015 is expected to achieve an annual output value of 130 billion yuan of above.

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