Solve overcapacity LED, only the domestic market

by:Sehon     2020-11-03

at present domestic LED industry overcapacity cui phenomenon, serious, and its main performance is:

a: LED the stock is rising.

in the past year, as a result of economic environment, a sharp drop in export orders, small companies is really insist on not to live, only to dismiss workers. This phenomenon exists not only in zhongshan xiaolan, ancient town. Last year, according to shenzhen LED industry association, shenzhen collapse LED more than 80 production enterprises.

2: downstream application market is not started, so it's difficult to scale the LED lighting industry.

cannot achieve scale, it is difficult to reduce costs. But it seems to the customer, the quality is not stable, not cost down, it is difficult to determined to promote market applications. It has been bothering the development of LED industry. This is where the government to the corresponding support policy, with the external force to break the deadlock.

over the past 2011 years, European and American economic recession, let in the LED industry development in our country. A lot of business inventories high capital chain tight, many small and medium-sized enterprise bankruptcy is closed. Although the industry in the rapidly expanding scale, but the boom of the entire industry downturn. Blaze momentum has been two years before, the personage inside course of study together more discussion is how to spend the winter.

as a key development in guangdong province one of the three strategic emerging industries, the LED industry is our province had high hopes, shoulders the important task of promote transformation and upgrading of industry in our province. LED industry difficulties, can make a wish? Concern, in fact, LED industry chain has been showing results, guangdong province, one of the leading enterprises in the national independent innovation ability, the standard construction are also actively follow up. Some difficulties now, mainly from Europe and the United States economy. As long as markets in domestic application, market potential will surge, LED industry in guangdong province will back into the fast lane.

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