Stick to the road of brand is the LED lighting enterprise long-term foothold

by:Sehon     2020-10-13

as the 2012 time, step by step, expanding the size of the market also in LED lighting products, the main one reason is that the cost of LED lighting products in at an annual rate of 20% decline. Such as a LED bulb 300 multivariate, 3 years ago, now the price can be $100.

according to related statistics, affected by the upstream chip technology promotion and price falling fast, downstream LED lighting products are rapidly increasing, the ratio of the LED industry is moving in the direction of the rational and stable. Last year, China LED indoor lighting products output grew by 75% year on year, prices fell 22% year on year; Output value of 18. 6 billion yuan, up 38% from a year earlier.

the data shows, thanks to government support and price decline, this year, China LED interior lighting output will reach 30. 6 billion yuan, up 64%; In 2015 will reach 99. 3 billion yuan, the next four years indoor lighting production scale compound growth rate of over 50%, to 52%.

with falling prices, increasingly fierce competition in the LED industry. In the face of the same price products, the enterprise to seek more efficient lighting products of more durable. “ Used to haunt in lighting market low price LED products brand less and less. ” One industry source is introduced, a few years ago, sales of LED lighting products of small and medium-sized enterprises more and more stand on heel. “ Small and medium-sized enterprise because do not have the ability to encapsulate and their products are & lsquo; Saving & rsquo; Come out, cannot assure quality, not to mention, after-sales service. ”

' After several years of training, the mainland products, market development is tend to be more rational, with declining prices, customer's attention to the quality and services. Now more and more customers realize that they buy in addition to the products and services. ” The personage inside course of study says.

today, LED lighting is also cater to industry trends, to improve product quality and services of greater strength. “ In addition to the traditional service, we can also provide customers with more targeted the whole solution. For some expensive LED products, we can also provide rental service of the products. ” Yellow Lu DE Sue says.

LED lighting is the price & other; Broken & throughout; , most companies get down stage, is the industry tends to be stable. The patent is not standard, homogeneity phenomenon universal existence environment, the brand is particularly important. Brand is the most critical factors in setting up enterprise trust, and the source of the trust is the quality of service quality. LED enterprises should balance the quality and price, environment, improve service quality, will further subdivided, technology and service is more suitable for industrial development, more competitive.

go straight surveying of land science and technology is in the high-end route, plan this year set up around the agents, create their own lighting brand, only adhere to the product research and development, to ensure product quality and after-sales service, the enterprise can go further, spell price is always can not stand of enterprise, adhere to their own brand road, let go on one side of the price.

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