Street light project to buy LED bulbs don't understand what do you think

by:Sehon     2020-10-05

environmental protection and energy saving province electricity, this is the main reason why many people LED bulbs, but face full of beautiful things in the product how to choose? Lamp teacher teach you read & other; Easy to read label & throughout; 。

light emitting diode ( 领导) Bulb of the most prominent mark on the package are generally watt ( W) Number of general customers often have tile ( W) The higher the number, the higher brightness illusion. Think chose a large wattage bulbs can is very bright; In fact, is the lumen (bright dawn lm) Number, not the wattage. Compared flat wattage, lumens value is higher, the brighter the brightness.

before there is no standard LED lighting products, the quality of the good and bad are intermingled, identify disorders of many products. To make the customer bento identification, photoelectric semiconductor industry association launched & other related; LED bulb is easy to read mark & throughout; The chapter. Most of customers in the market now to buy the LED bulbs with easy to read the chapter.

  “ LED bulb is easy to read mark & throughout; Label is a simple picture and digital, understand clearly indicate the primary color temperature and luminous flux of LED bulbs products, in color and light power and so on four big goals, to supply the customer when the choose and buy see information.

but to prompt the customer, & other; Easy to read label & throughout; Indicated will 4 big goals, as necessary, to make the customer when the choose and buy the same numerical can choose bento contrast, part is a brief. But not & other; Safety or quality & throughout; Make sure, this will make understanding.

  “ Easy to read label & throughout; Four goals can only let customers select & other Suitable for & throughout; Lamp, to ensure the quality of the light bulb, and light bulb their life spans, such as light, heat, and the stability of the light failure problem is you can't see out from the four objective interpretation.

with easy to read the chapter selected is a very concise way, first to see is the luminous power, at least now in more than 80 lm/w to conform to the standard. Then the first set to equipment, demand high brightness and low brightness, the brighter the light, need the higher flux lumen value.

reaction of light & other; It & throughout; Data is in color, reflect the original choose high color, general CRI value in more than 80.

choose want to the color of the light, to see whether the color temperature, like it a bit yellow warm color department is numerical lower colors temperature, interval value between about 3000 K to 5000 K, in the same area had better choose the same color temperature. Lamp teacher prompt the customer, not color temperature, the higher the better, color temperature is too high, the light is too white, maybe blue, there will be a cool feeling. Only the classroom lighting may homework, can choose high light source color temperature.

LED bulbs use full long, almost is well known, but exactly how long? I'm afraid there is a lot of questions. There are a number of vendors claim LED filament bulb stature for up to 3 - 50000 hours and 100000 hours, but in practice, the use of LED bulbs full length depends on the efficiency of the internal parts, see the light emitting chip stature alone indeed can reach more than 30000 hours, but if there any parts failure, LED light bulb that is unable to shine.

LED bulb & other; Quality & throughout; , there are too many small details is customer can't interpretation, therefore, look for the mark, choose good brand is the key.

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