Surveying of land science and technology, introducing the characteristic of LED lights cup edge

by:Sehon     2020-11-08

1。 Color rich

lamps and lanterns has a very rich color and color changes, seven color, for example three color, three color flicker, three color mutation and so on.

2。 Number of standard

different led lights cup have different standards, for example, MR lamp cup is 6 to 12, the number of PAR20 is 9 to 38.

3。 Taking longer

in general, the use of lamps and lanterns life spans are up to 100000 hours, it is very a long use life spans.

4。 Low power consumption

lamps and lanterns is in the process of use, the power consumption is low, the average power of the monomer is 0. 05 w around, it is very low, which means that we can save electricity in the purpose.

5。 Fever is less

led lights cup power in use process is very low, so surely in time, relatively little heat lamps and lanterns.

6。 Strong anti vibration force

lamps and lanterns is made from high hardness resin luminous body, so the led lamp cup has a strong resistance to oscillation can, not easy to be broken, many modern lamps and lanterns is very easy to broken, this is a good advantage.

7。 Seal planning

the lit lamps and lanterns is generally choose or glass is frosted glass sealed planning, let the vacuum inside the lamp.

8。 Controllable power

lamp cup is different from general lamps and lanterns, it can draw on an external control device to control, so even if outdoors, we can also through the dynamic program to control, its control ability is very strong.

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