Surveying of land science and technology to agricultural bank launched the contract energy management services

by:Sehon     2020-10-12

contract energy management, widely known as EMC at home, there is also a popular name & other; Saving electricity into & throughout; 。 In fact, it is a kind of to reduce energy costs to pay the total cost of the project investment of energy conservation. This kind of investment mode allows the user to use the future benefits of energy conservation for energy-using units and power consumption equipment upgrades, and reduce the operation cost.

LED lighting promotion at this stage of the difficulty is that at a time. A: the money is too big. 2: LED lighting belongs to new things, consumers know about the new things and lack of trust. According to the two big difficulties, surveying of land science and technology to agricultural bank to LED lighting users EMC mode, can make consumers in & other; Zero & other; Under the premise of investment enjoy the economic benefits of LED lighting.

what LED lighting to help save much electricity? I come here is for you a bill. Before a supermarket customer purchase the T8 fluorescent lamp, 4000, 120. The supermarket is open at 8 PM to 10 PM, 14 hours a day. Original use 40 w energy-saving lamps, is now using 18 w LED lights, brightness is equal. So save the cost of means: ( 40 w - 18 w) * 4000 * = 1232000 w, 14 hours a day is for the supermarket electricity saving of 1232, according to the 1 yuan/degree calculation, the supermarket can save up to 36960 yuan a month. Cost saving is as high as 443520 yuan a year. And for the first time purchase cost is 4000 * 102 = 408000 RMB yuan /. So in the supermarket within the validity period of three years of our company will be able to save 922560 yuan. It also does not include the purchase price minus the energy-saving lamps and maintenance costs.

the contract energy management services also has a variety of cooperation mode for customers to choose. Customers can need according to oneself choose different mode, different mode in the energy saving benefit of also have different. As follows:

a: energy-saving benefit sharing type

energy-saving renovation project prophase investment paid by the company, customers don't need money. After the completion of the project, the customer in a certain contract period, with the company in proportion to share energy-saving benefit generated by the project. Specific energy saving project investment of different energy saving benefit allocation proportion and the annual energy saving project implementation contract will have all different.

2: energy saving benefit payment type ( Also known as: the project procurement type)

client retrofit, early pay a certain percentage of project investment, project is completed, after the acceptance of the contract section of energy, the customer pay the balance, or use the energy-saving benefit payment. Section three:

energy type ( Also known as: effect of verified)

energy-saving renovation project of all input is provided by the company in the early, customers don't need money, after the completion of the project, after the acceptance to the contract of energy saving, the customer pays for energy saving reconstruction project.

no matter choose what kind of cooperation way, LED lighting transformation can certainly give consumers save the most money, and this for the current situation of energy shortage now, governments have strongly advocated LED lighting transformation, and the government could not upfront costs a lot of money, so EMC mode is also the government has taken up a LED lighting transformation mode. Party day science and technology to agricultural bank to launch this EMC cooperation pattern also reflects the confidence of the surveying of land science and technology for its own products for surveying of land science and technology company with the bank, it makes the company to enhance the competitiveness in the market, the surveying of land science and technology of LED lighting products can quickly become a household name.

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