Tear open outfit led filament bulb assembly parts

by:Sehon     2020-10-24

led skills are changing in advance, its luminous efficiency is astonishing breakthrough, prices are falling. Manufacturer of led lights a white led into the family s is coming quickly. Led assembly parts of filament bulbs can be very easy tear open outfit, not manufacturer can recover after other people. With light skill extends the led point light source for surface light source, eliminate the glare, improve the visual effect, eliminate the visual fatigue.

1, the stature. There exists a first and drive circuit is also led energy-saving lamp power match problem, this is the reason of leading domestic led bulbs now has no unified standard, and the fruit of the led bulbs with manufacturer again many, produce quality good and bad are intermingled, if produce the led light bulb manufacturers don't give force, live too long, likely publicity 10 years of led bulb is broken, 1 years and six months ago the led bulbs with company already closed this difficult situation, so we need to polish eyes, carefully treat you choose and buy of led bulbs.

2, heat dissipation. Now led bulbs radiator is forced to choose the first is to put the led bulbs led chip inside the composite heat to export, and then through the radiator to heat export, the primary method of forced air cooling heat dissipation, and now the led lamps and lanterns of shanzhai, is often ACTS have its shape, and no practical effect.

3, component. Led bulbs manufacturers led bulb weight is a big test for lamp mouth, because before the energy-saving lamps without the cooling device, so the lighter weight, energy-saving light weight for lamp mouth to little effect, and the led bulbs is different, she has heat dissipation problem, so we have to consider the effect of this component on lamp.

led filament bulbs will be a people all over the world with affordable affordable led lighting light source, led filament bulbs will be a all can use and sales of blue ocean products, led filament bulbs should be a good ratio of consumer electronics, and automated production is the key to the decline in product capital means, to produce to produce force automation. All products produced in the process of your capital should be artificial, therefore inevitably toward automation, led lighting industry to produce to produce power automation, rely on automation to save capital.

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