Technical route is LED lighting enterprise way out

by:Sehon     2020-11-04

these two years, the entire LED industry competition pattern changes will occur. The current consumer's consumption concept has gradually by price guide to product quality, previously LED the competition between enterprises stay on scale competition, price fight, now would be more inclined to technology competition.

2012, as countries begin to disable the incandescent lamp, coupled with the Chinese government strongly support for LED lighting, LED lighting application market ushered in the great development opportunities. At the same time, the LED for market competition between enterprises will be more intense.

for the Chinese market, small and medium-sized enterprises (smes) in 2012 LED industry faces a hard competition situation. Compared with deep-pocketed big enterprise, small and medium-sized enterprises face the demand of the market weakness is very big, the effects of bad environment increasingly fierce competition, the money collecting slowly, income also more and more low, in also cannot drop down at the moment.

with LED products prices fall, enterprises will face with the challenge of gross margin decline. But for some have technical strength of the enterprise, the product unit price decline does not mean that the decline in the gross profit margin, the technology to reduce costs through ascension, and also can be realized in guarantee under the condition of invariable gross margin price decline. Therefore, in the fierce competition, the stronger, have the technology content will have a better life, and the lack of technical accumulation of enterprises will be phased out.

surveying of land science and technology advice LED lighting enterprise on r&d do kung fu. The price war is in the important embodiment of product class fuzzy environment, is the enterprise deadly killer. 2012 the whole LED industry is still in high risk period, but the capacity is stable, gradually expand the market capacity, enterprises should do full time on research and development, the next two to three years of the LED industry competition will be more reflected in technology, quality and service.

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