The 2013 global LED lighting market scale growth rate can reach 30%

by:Sehon     2020-10-29

as LED lighting prices continues, quantity scale rapid expansion, industry institute industrial economy and the trend of research center of energy zhi-xun Lin LED the team points out that the 2013 global LED lighting market scale to maintain 30% growth should period, 2020 global LED lighting on output value of 65. 8 billion dollars.

zhi-xun Lin said that in the future, the key point of the development of the LED lighting market lies in mainland China, Europe, the United States, but must also pay attention to the related standards, specifications and requirements of energy efficiency, local protectionism, etc. Non-tariff trade barriers. And the Asian region is the LED lighting main sales regions in the world, is biggest LED lighting application area, the market share of 40% in 2011. Main is influenced by government support, high driving economic growth, frequent building activities. Among them, and to the Japanese market to promote the most positive for LED lighting applications. In Japan in 2011 LED to replace lighting market scale reached $952 million, estimates the size of the market in 2012 to $1. 203 billion.

in the context of individual application market, in 2012 LED lighting in the building lighting market penetration is as high as 56%, but also due to the mature market, growth has been slow. Outdoor lighting is benefiting from the government to create the market demand, slow growth in LED lighting applications, LED lighting lighting applications in the industry in 2012 the permeability of only about 6%.

the application of LED lighting in commercial lighting, the function of the system from early lighting, turn gradually give priority to lighting applications, because commercial lighting a high turnover rate, use for a long time, make the LED lighting permeability synchronization with the size of the market growth, in 2012 LED lighting in commercial lighting market penetration has reached to 15%.

the residence is the world's largest lighting application market, LED lighting system with bulb sprinting residential lighting market, instead of traditional light bulb, but as consumers for the sensitivity of the price is high, so the LED lighting in residential lighting market in 2012 by about 13%, the permeability of remains to be promoted.

office lighting energy saving as the appeal, LED lighting is give priority to in order to replace the traditional fluorescent lamp lighting market demands, cut into the office, but because of the LED lamp must also face T5 fluorescent lamp price competition, thus permeability in 2012 only about 11%, as well as a large space to grow up.

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