The act with LED bulbs to replace the old street lamp

by:Sehon     2020-11-12

according to the Australian news network reported, as a part of the urban infrastructure construction, improving the act ( ACT) About 30% of the street lamp has been replaced with energy saving LED lights. In addition, 21 area about 1 million square meters the road will be renovated in this fiscal year, or be rerouted.

according to the ACT of the government's website information, as the road and traffic of Steele ( 克里斯钢) Said: & other; The ACT promised to supply residents with better city facilities, the two projects only in part. ”

the contractor from the beginning of May 2018, use LED lights to replace the old street lamp. At present, about 80000 lamps, has replaced the 2. 450000.

steel is introduced, using LED lights have saves 32% of power consumption, energy saving share has increased 3% than forecast. In addition to energy saving, LED lights can give way to supply a better illumination. Every year is expected to use LED lights, will finally can save electricity 20 million degrees.

this fiscal year, the ACT government will improve the 230 - kilometer - long road pavement. Road area of 1 million square meters.

Steele said, repair cracks in the pavement and shortcomings, can ensure the safety of residents of the capital's traffic, also can improve the power of traffic.

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