The advantage of LED project-light lamp

by:Sehon     2020-11-07
Scheduling advantage

a: illuminate Angle

project-light lamp, in fact is a kind of spotlight, so the irradiation Angle can be scheduled, so their use has more flexibility, and general project-light lamp will be angles scheduling index plate, so that it can be marked in accordance with the calibration plate is more accurate scheduling.

second advantage: planning widely used

project-light lamp size relative to the other lighting lamps and lanterns is very slim, so it can habits in a wider range of equipment requirements, and in the process of use is not easy to damage problem, also won't because time is too long and fever, natural its use life is more durable.

three advantages: not controller

relative to the other lighting lamps and lanterns, project-light lamp can not when using the controller, and can end in the process of using a variety of special irradiation effect, for example the mutation of lamplight, the light color changing, lighting the jump, the gleam of light, etc. , this is the general dynamic lighting lamps and lanterns is unable to reach the advanced adornment effect. Four:

advantage good lighting effects

because it is actually a spotlight, with the function of the spotlights, therefore project-light lamp shining light effect is very good, the color of the light is very beautiful, and the purity of color is very high, although the project-light lamp light color is more beautiful, but it's light but a point is not identifiable, the opposite is also very soft, very suitable for home part of the lighting decoration use, moreover project-light lamp is still a very energy saving lighting lamps and lanterns, in the process of using its very save electricity, because it is the use of power is not high.

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