The advantages and characteristics of LED wash wall lamp

by:Sehon     2020-10-06

LED wash wall lamp, that means, let the light like water washed metope, mainly is used for building decoration lighting, and used to draw the outline of the outline of a large building. Due to the LED energy saving, high photosynthetic efficiency, color rich, long life and other characteristics, so the beginning in 2013, other light wash wall lamp is gradually replaced by LED wash wall lamp.

LED wash wall lamp features:

1, based on the standard DMX512 protocol control support 16. 7 million ( 24) Color

2, high brightness, high efficiency, durable and durable

3, asymmetric light distribution design, and especially suitable to wash the wall lighting

4, high quality LED transparent and compare with good beam control, ensure that the average brightness

5, the small lamp body comfortable lighting design for building small space

6, high-end materials and high protection level ( IP66) Can support any harsh outdoor environment

7, sensitive device support, lunch regulate Angle of lamps and lanterns, free maintenance and efficient

8, mixed light from a shorter, makes the lamp body can support nearly spacer

9, 50000 hours of short-lived life ( Attenuation of light output to 70%)

LED wash wall lamp advantage:

1, the power size. The size of the high power led wash wall lamp resolution the projection interval. Its power is not fixed, can according to change requests sensitive! Ordinary high power LED wash wall lamp is refers to the single row, multiple rows of that call linear LED project-light lamp!

2, voltage. LED wash wall lamp, DC AC, DC and AC voltage can be divided into ordinary built-in external AC220V power ( Japan AC110V) Grid, such as the external ordinary for low-pressure DC24V, DC12V, DC27V and so on. According to the different requests, the consumption of different manufacturers, also have different voltage.

3, IP protection grade. This is one of the important parameters to wash the wall lamp, also is the important index of affecting the quality of the guardrail tube, waterproof grade IP65 above is compare with good, also request related to high voltage, resistance to fracture, upper and lower aging temperature, flame resistant, impact resistant level.

4, color specifications. 7 colour, full color, monochrome.

5, color temperature. Color temperature is diversiform, can generally choose.

6, light Angle. LED wash wall lamp light Angle in common with narrow,, three wide, at present, the high power LED wash wall lamp light period ( Narrow perspective) Effective projection interval for 5 - match well 10 meters.

7, working temperature. Due to wash the wall lamp is usually used in outdoor match, so this parameter appears important match, also compared to a request for temperature is high, the general situation in outdoor temperature - our request 40 ℃ + 60 ℃ can work.

8, control mode. For LED wash wall lamp, there are two control modes: internal control and external control. Internal control is not an external controller, level effect can't be changed. External control is an external controller, its effect and changes can be adjusted through the master keys.

9, mirror. Glass reflective lens, the light transmittance was 98%, not easy atomization, resistant to UV radiation.

10, light sources. General use 1 w.

always LED wash wall lamp has been widely applied to various places, such as company building walls, government building surroundings, historical building wall lighting, entertainment places, etc. Its reach is becoming more and more widely, in the future years, LED wash wall light will become a local in the rope can not be short.

colorful LED wash wall light source:

common use 1 w, 3 w LED as light source, but the technology is not mature, the market compare with common use 1 w, due to the 3 w calorific value, delete hot do not droop compare fast. Colorful LED wash wall lamp, mirror design is the key elements of large common in industrial application, general situation, colorful LED wash wall lamp, mirror is choose acrylic materials manufacturing and become, its light transmittance is 98 - 98%, not easy to spray, resistant to UV radiation. Colorful LED wash wall lamp control way is our concern, if you buy a product can't use a laparoscope, usually connected to a back, then we will buy the product doesn't make any sense, use is needed to understand things LED,

colorful LED wash wall lamp control way is divided into internal control and external control two kinds:

internal control is directly on the lamps and lanterns control stop system design, this approach has drawbacks, we fixed under the condition of the program, colorful LED wash wall lamp lighting effect can't be altered; External control can through an external remote control to control and be able to use keys to adjust colorful LED wash wall lamp lighting effect. Many large engineering requirements we use external control way to change the colorful LED wash wall lamp lighting, but also there are a lot of people use DMX512 consoles directly stop the colorful LED wash wall lamp lighting direction and Angle adjustment.

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