The advantages and disadvantages of led bulbs

by:Sehon     2020-09-28

in recent years, led bulbs common use in our daily life, it not only environmental protection, and no pollution to the environment, use the stature is very durable. Globally, whether urban household lighting, lighting, or it is the best choice. Below small make up and then introduce what is the advantages and disadvantages of led bulbs and led bulbs.

what is the led bulb

the so-called led bulbs, is a kind of light-emitting diodes (leds) as the main materials are used to manufacture the outdoor use of lamps and lanterns, it may shine, mainly because we use weak electricity can make the function of the semiconductor PN junction to glow, mean is that we in will be forward biased voltage and current, under the condition of electronic injection of p and N area in a decentralized, moments after radiative recombination and announced on the light. Compared with traditional light bulbs, LED lamps and lanterns shine of high purity, low power consumption, long life and other advantages.

the advantages of led lights

1, led bulbs, use the full length. Generally led bulbs with other light compared commonly, their life is very long, can reach 50000 hours.

2, led lights can adapt to the situation of environment, general energy-saving lamps if you are in a frequently open and closed condition is very bad, simple and led bulbs can adapt to the high status of working environment.

3, the manufacture of led bulbs, blend the manufacturing technology of the world's top light distribution, its light source for the surface light source, this kind of light source can increase the shiny surface, and people's eyes.

4, led light bulb inside no mercury, lead, such as the presence of harmful substances, no pollution to the environment.

the disadvantage of led bulbs

1, although the led light failure degree is low, but this is basically for high power led lights, and small power led lamp light failure is relatively large.

2, light color for white light leds, because individual defect in manufacturing process, and the matching of the lens error, so in use at the simple structure of a yellow circle, will affect the role of the lamp.

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