The advantages and disadvantages of sun yat-sen in LED market has

by:Sehon     2020-10-28

recently, guangdong provincial government announced the plan for guangdong's promotion of the use of LED lighting, for the pearl river delta region in the next two years to roads, public, government agencies and other public lighting field uniform lighting using LED products. The message will undoubtedly stimulate the guangdong and even the national LED lighting enterprise, how to share a piece of in the big cake? This is the thinking about regional manufacturers.

it is known that the LED industry has been classified as one of three key future industries in guangdong province, so zhongshan future if there is a strength can be assigned to this & other; Big cake & throughout; ? Zhongshan industry experts said, zhongshan 30 years with lighting industry development of the industry chain, is fully capable of accounting for a seat in the LED application market.

advantages: industrial form a complete set of mature

according to zhongshan semiconductor lighting association deputy secretary-general qiao-ling tu, the current in the neighbouring cities, shenzhen has many electronic enterprise itself, so it is high in the province; And because guangzhou have a lot of support policy and financial support, in terms of scale and developing very quickly. “ Zhongshan and although they have certain gap, but sun yat-sen also has the incomparable advantage. ”

qiao-ling tu said that sun yat-sen in the lighting industry has more than 30 years of accumulation, perfect supporting industrial chain, other place is unsurpassable. She said as long as the centralized advantage for positioning of zhongshan, LED in lighting applications can be perfectly.

disadvantage: talent is short board

for the development of LED industry of zhongshan, qiao-ling tu said talent or one of the biggest obstacles. “ And the other industry, zhongshan most reluctant to high-end talent, even if can't stop. ” Qiao-ling tu said.

may then zhongshan oneself develop talent? Qiao-ling tu said no, & other; Traditional lighting industry talents who can be directly in the factory, and the LED industry to electronic knowledge and design professionals, not actual operation can develop, but in the short term by the local school culture is not reality. ” Now is just the LED industry development opportunities, so she hopes to build zhongshan good prospects of the LED industry, attract more people with lofty ideals to come to zhongshan.

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