The advantages of indoor led bulb light

by:Sehon     2020-11-12
1, convenience

can directly replace the existing same E27, E14, GU10 and B22 interface of energy-saving lamps and bulbs products, usually don't have to do any change, don't need any technician or professionals, with detailed read let's use of instructions, DIY can easily implement from general lighting replacement LED lighting.

2, safety

general energy-saving lamps will work when the temperature in the 60 - Incandescent light bulbs, around 80 ℃, average temperature is higher ( 80 - 120℃) , a bit not careful hit namely burns.

the ball bubble lights using LED as light source, with professional heat dissipation structure, the work when the temperature is very low, 40 - 60℃) Grasp the in hand, even if it won't spoil.

energy-saving lamps and general use is glass bulb product data, with hard knock against easy broken, cause permanent damage and cannot use, and will be not carefully cut glass.

bulb use is specialized in the design of the shell, lamp shell data using the PC/acrylic die-casting molding, light source parts of LED use is also special data of the seismic resistant to fall ( Apply lens part of is now one of the most advanced forming soft lens technology) , and the chimney is acrylic material, even if broken is not easy to cut.

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