The application of LED lights in agriculture

by:Sehon     2020-10-21

most of the rural areas in our country also USES incandescent lamp as the main lighting, but relative to the LED energy-saving lamps, its power consumption is the difference between the eight times, in addition to the advantages of energy saving, LED lights have do not contain mercury, invulnerability to breakage and the characteristics of the waste can be recycled, become the world's preferred new green lighting products.

the LED application in agriculture

in the use of the divergent light source to cultivate the fruit and vegetable crops in the greenhouse, especially individual or small range of crops, can bring a lot of trouble to farmers and a great deal of waste. From the perspective of the own features of LED, LED cold light source with low heat properties, small volume, institutions closely, can close irradiation plant, improve the space utilization of plant cultivation; Can emit light narrow monochromatic light again, can also according to the need to implement any combination; These are for application of LED in agriculture lighting to create a good foundation.

' No sunshine throughout the &; , in each frame, all equipped with a light board. Different is on the left side of the LED Light emitting diode) The lamp, on the right side is fluorescent lamp. Two lights can meet the needs of plant growth, only the LED more energy-saving than fluorescent lights. Leds plate is given priority to with red light, uniformly distributed in a certain distance between the blue light, proportion is about 8:1 to 9:1, the sun for plants are all band, red light, blue light, ultraviolet and infrared ray are included, but experiments have shown that plants absorb light band is mainly red and blue light, more than 60%. So will be red and blue according to certain proportion made from light source, can meet the demand of plant growth. The composition such as infrared and far infrared mainly take the form of heat, and energy consumption. Remove the part, will not affect the plant quality. They did the experiment, this grew up under the environment of the plants, vitamin and sugar content had little change. Controllability is strong due to plant plant environment, cultivation environment concentrations of carbon dioxide can be greatly increased, raise the photosynthetic efficiency of plant, plant biomass formation and the accumulation of nutrients, is several times of conventional culture.

with the maturity of LED technology, LED lighting applications in rural households and agricultural illumination is becoming more and more widely, the country's emphasis on rural and agricultural development in recent years for its efforts in support of also more and more big, almost all businesses including LED production enterprises all think that China's LED lighting market in the next two years will see agriculture income, from now on, the vast rural areas will become one of the biggest LED lighting market.

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