The benefits of LED wash wall lamp

by:Sehon     2020-11-03

LED widely used is a lot of places can use a lighting, and this LED lights made LED wash wall lamp, function and role of also is better than the average of the lamp. Today LED wash wall lamp manufacturers take stock LED lights for us what's good.

LED wash wall light is a light emitting diode. The light emitting diode is a kind of energy can be transformed to solid-state semiconductor devices, it can be directly put DianZhuan into light. LED wash wall light projection scale and no stroboscopic, don't hurt eyes. Power is very strong, also the brightness of the 15 w is equal to the average 40 w fluorescent lamp, save electricity, to use and very convenient. Didn't harmful metal LED wash wall lamp, so easy to recover with the broken lights, small environmental pollution, is environmentally friendly. The lamp is the use, the use of full longer. LED wash wall lamp can through the mixed color of red, green, blue three kinds of color out of the seven colors, mixing the color is very colorful, color is also very pure. Led lights, of course, also have small faults, which is the price is high, relatively few people now use it, use is not a multiple scale. LED wash wall light excellent color rendering means in the light of the object color is closer to the colour of the sun at noon. Should choose tricolor phosphors coated tubes can filter out water more uv, its full length, high chromaticity, 30% higher than that of general fluorescent lamp brightness, chroma is as high as 80. LED wash wall lamp rectifier, compared with the traditional inductive rectifier, electronic rectifier launch time is fast, less stroboscopic, then eliminate the power loss and glare, no whining noises, rectifier can be energy-saving 30%, also better protect vision together.

arguably LED wash wall light chooses inside the lamp is acted the role of professional skills are now more advanced skills, both in the security environmental protection and save power, improve life spans. Good LED wash wall lamp manufacturers to produce commodities have must have quality assurance.

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