The benefits of using Led bulbs

by:Sehon     2020-10-23

1, led Lantern Festival can

led lamp is more energy efficient, led lights and ordinary lamp ( Incandescent lamps halogen lamps energy-saving lamps) Mainly from the difference between the luminescence principle, incandescent lamps halogen lamps energy-saving lamps such as ordinary light bulbs are converts electrical energy into heat energy after excitation into light, this a kind of most wasted energy, LED lights is to convert electrical energy directly into light energy, this process saves much energy. This is why the root cause of the LED lamp is more energy efficient.

2, the led heat dissipation less

leds emit less heat. LED is more advanced, cold light source, it is not like incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp as a large number of infrared and ultraviolet radiation, especially suitable for cultural relics, jewelry, high-end cosmetics valuables such as lighting. Almost without current heating effect of incandescent lamp, not affected by heat bilges cold shrink and blow bubble. Will not make the light bulb is yellow, will not make the accelerated ageing of the lamps and lanterns, not be a greenhouse effect on the surrounding environment.

3, led lights for the protection of the environment

the benefits of led lights are not the harm of mercury. LED lights inside don't like fluorescent lamp use high hazard of mercury, LED lamps and lanterns and display of particle distribution, the output of light scattering is usually, seldom produce light pollution, making leds belongs to organic polymer compound, epoxy resin has good physical and chemical properties after curing, the chips, metal high bonding strength, rigid and flexible, solvent for saline and most stable, not easy to damage, even damage or after aging can be recycled, not form pollution to the environment.

4, led lights safe low voltage

the advantage of the led lamp is led lamp USES is low voltage power supply, the low voltage power supply, in physics, is safer than high voltage power supply, in the process of using single bulb of voltage is between 2 v to 4 v, the voltage is low, so can be more secure for everyone to use, don't worry about the power of the lamps and lanterns will bring harm.

5, high efficiency led lights

led lights with high efficiency. CREE company laboratory high photosynthetic efficiency has reached 260 lm/W, and the single star on market has reached 100 lm/W high power LED, LED energy-saving lamps made of, because the power efficiency loss, lamp light loss, actual photosynthetic efficiency in 60 lm/W, and incandescent lamp is only 15 lm/W, good quality energy-saving lamps at around 60 lm/W, so in general, now LED bulbs light efficiency and energy-saving lamps flat or slightly superior.

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